Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Wonder

I often wonder what would happen if I came home and did minimal chores and then proceeded to sit in the big ol' recliner with my feet up while my significant other continued to do chores and other house/family related things on his feet for the next 4-5 hours before actually sitting down.

Hell would freeze over. That's what would happen. Because that would never in 300 million bazillion years. Unless I was dead. Or hell froze over.

No need to wonder anymore. People ask me why I stay up so late when I have to get up so damn early in the morning. Well that's because I have to unwind before I go to bed. I can't simply stop what I'm doing at 9 or 10 pm and then go to bed. I need to unwind with a book or some senseless TV or some facebook time. Because being at work all day and then coming home to the stresses of all that and then just going straight to bed doesn't work for me.

I'd love to just come home and relax, but I suppose being a Mommy/wife/homeowner/ cleaning lady/dogowner/homeworker helper/lunch maker/accountant/and whatever else needs to be done, isn't taken into consideration. Such is life.

Don't get me wrong. He does the dishes and walks the dog and reads to the kids while I do the rest. I just wish some days someone would take over "the rest".

I also wonder what goes through his head as he watches me on my feet for those 4-5 hours as he is sitting there with his feet up. And then chastises me for yelling alot ?? wow.. there's some balls. Brass ones. But I guess that's just me being bitchy.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Run Forrest Run

yeah I know I'm not Forrest but I love that line. :) I'm preparing to run the 5K in the Race for Hope on November 7th. I'm almost doing it more because Jim said "you'll never make it" which of course makes me want to do it even more. Trying to actually run and not die in the process has been difficult to say the least. Actually getting a mile in one shot under my belt wasn't happening. I'd start out running, stop and walk for a bit then run and walk and so on. I'd go for 2 miles but only really run about a mile of it when all was said and done.

My biggest issue is my asthma. With this humidity I am having trouble controlling my breathing. And it seems I was running too fast.

Last night I took the run slower and controlled my breathing.

I managed 2 miles without stopping and without dying. Now there is an accomplishment. I only need to get another 1.5 miles added to that in the next two months in order to make the 5K. I hope I can manage it.