Monday, June 6, 2011

O.M.G. .. I'm mortified.

Unfortunately I am referring to Usher's version..

Yeah.The boy heard this song in Jim's car on one of their outings. He managed to remember certain lyrics.  I also have this song on my iPod. My kids didn't listen to my shuffle at all. Aedan would walk around singing this song and I'd tell him to knock it off.  So then I get the iTouch. I load my music on there. They listen to my music often. This of course causes the boy to sing this song more often and then also play the song more often. As a result he has taught Alexa a certain line. I wasn't too concerned. She was singing it and it was kinda funny. Until the other day.

I went to go outside with the kids and I hear Alexa singing...then the neighbor says "oh you better not teach Joseph** that song" . I about flipped out. Yelled at her to come inside. Grabbed the other 2 and went on a tear.

She was singing the line... "honey's got some boobies like wow oh wow..." it figures that would be the easiest line to remember. *she types with a bag over her head*

So now.. it has been deleted from my iTouch and they have been warned that if I hear them singing it they will ALL get pepper in their mouths as a result. Alexa still sings it but not within earshot apparently and we haven't caught her yet. I just keep warning her. Oiy. I have those kids that the other Moms pull their own kids away from at the playground. Super.

** names have been changed to protect the innocent. :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Crazy Idea or Cool Possibility ??

So a few people have told me I should write a book. I laughed them off with a wave of the hand thinking they are nuts and I could never write a book. But as I got to thinking I'm wondering if I could actually do it.  I kinda know what it would be about but would people really want to buy it?   I'm running through the idea in my mind and they are racing at me one after another. So. I have loads of ideas but ideas get you nowhere if you don't have a plan.  So for now all I have is lots and lots of ideas and nowhere to go with them. Maybe my next idea will put me on the road with a real plan or make me realize it was all just a crazy idea like I figured from the beginning. I guess we shall see.

Baby Dreams and Celebrations

Today I attended the baby shower for my dear cousin Elizabeth. This has been the most anticipated event of the century, in my opinion. If you know Elizabeth and Danny and what it took to get to today then you might agree as well.  Just about 7 years ago I had the joy of participating in Elizabeth and Danny's wedding. It was a wonderful day. A little while after they were married they decided they wanted to start a family like lots of new couples will.  But unlike most young couples Elizabeth ran into many roadblocks on the journey to becoming a Mommy.

Like myself and many people I know, Elizabeth suffered from infertility. A few tries at insemination brought them those much sought after double lines that every woman who struggles with infertility looks for every month. They were having a baby!  As fate may have it , Baby decided to  set up camp in the tube and as a result Elizabeth lost her tube and her special little angel.  We were very lucky that we didn't lose Elizabeth in the process and are so very thankful.  After so much heartbreak some people would decide to give up. But as anyone who has been on this type of journey knows, that yearning will always be there so to quit is out of the question.  Many months went by of wishing and hoping each month and praying for that miracle. And in that time they underwent IUI eleven more times to no avail. At the end of all that they were lucky enough to be able to try IVF. This unfortunately failed as well.

Deciding to take a break, a year went by before attempting IVF again but not before trying other options. A trip to see a fertility god in Atlantic City to try and up their odds was tossed into the mix. But before they made it there it was moved to Ocean City, MD, so off they went to Maryland.  Hey, it couldn't hurt right?
And then.... the fall of 2010... Their 2nd attempt at IVF.  The odds are not with them as Elizabeth is working with only 1 tube.  And yet.. this is it. This is the one that works and this the one that will bring them their miracle.

After so much waiting and wanting, praying and hoping only to be let down and disappointed this was their special gift. (I still get goosebumps thinking about the phone call I got from Elizabeth telling me she was pregnant. I get happy when someone is blessed with a pregnancy but this was different. I still tear up thinking about how happy I am for her and Danny. Wiping the tears thinking about it now.)

So now we all have to wait. Wait for baby Ross to make his or her arrival. He/she was originally due in August but because issues with the placenta and baby's size (great so far) Elizabeth and Danny (and all of us) will get to meet their own special someone in July.  God Bless you Baby Ross and may your Mommy have a smooth and wonderful delivery.