Sunday, August 19, 2012

Can You Hear It?

It's the sound of that huge sigh of relief that is coming. Soon. Once the kids get on that bus and head off to school in just over a week.

That sound signifies a cleaner house, a lower electric bill, less fights, and a general sense of calm that comes with the everyday routine we settle into once September hits. Maybe calm isn't the word I should use. Because life isn't calm by any means. But it is "my" kind of calm. I enjoy a structured day.

So yes, we will be running to swim lessons on Sunday nights, CCD on Monday  nights, Soccer Practice on Tuesday nights, Gymnastics on Wednesday nights and soccer games on Saturdays.. but to me it will be a relief from the crazy days we've had all summer. It's been fun for them while it lasted but I've had enough.

The fighting from all the togetherness is getting to me. The kids fight much less when they don't see each other all day. And that is what I enjoy.