Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Waking up with a Beach Bathing Beauty

When we are at home having the midget in my bed constantly can drain on my energy. But while on vacation when I can lay around and snuggle to my heart's content it's a joy.  I get to wake up to that freckle face giving me that little smirk. I get to hear all the little secrets she wants to share.  She giggles and asks me for chocolate milk just like at home but she's happier because she knows I'll be staying with her all day today because we are on vacation.  I'm happier because she wants me.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Conversations from the Curtin Car.... 

Alexa:  There's an accident!

Me: Where?

Aedan:  In your pants?!?!

bring on the laughter.. even I laughed out loud and snorted because it was so off the cuff .. lordie..and then the buttcrack and poop jokes started and it went further downhill..

Monday, July 18, 2011

July 13, 2011

The day Julia Margaret Mary Ross arrived on this earth and blessed her Mommy and Daddy, and changed their lives forever by just being born.  Happy Birthday sweet baby girl, may you always know how much you are loved and never doubt that you were wanted. For you have danced with your Daddy and Snuggled with your Mommy in her dreams long before you even took your 1st breath.

God Bless you Baby Julia.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


My list writing and categorizing began last week. It must be vacation season. List after list and list of my lists.  Things to Pack. Things to buy. Things to buy and then pack. I love lists. Little square boxes to check off the stuff that has been bought and packed. Then the list is updated and reprinted.

Page after page of lists. Gosh how I love them.

And yet I will get to our vacation destination and realize we still managed to forget something. But that will be something that should have been on the man's list. Go figure. We can't all be perfect. ;)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trophies for Everyone.. Don't Do it.

I am of the school that only the top teams get the trophies.  I also think kids need to learn how to lose graciously. And not get in a snit simply because they didn't get a trophy. It makes them strive for more and work harder. You want a trophy.. work for it.

My reasons for this topic??  This past school year the boy was taking part in a  reading competition.  He was told at the end of the year that the student that read the most books/chapters would get an award.  At the end of the year Aedan had blown past the other students and had read the most.  We wondered what the award/reward would be when the contest was over.

Aedan came home on the day the awards were given out with the award for "best handwriting ".  Which I am very happy about because his handwriting is exceptional for a boy in the 1st grade.  But what he told me next is what bugs the hell outta me. "Mrs. Dolloff said I read the most books, but because she didn't have an award for Kaleigh she gave that award to her and best handwriting is a better award so she gave it to me." . WTF is that??  I know I shouldn't be petty but I can't help but think my son busted his ass EVERY day reading and his award was given to someone else because the teacher didn't feel like thinking up another for her... Why is it so wrong that he would get 2 awards?  He earned both.  If he didn't I wouldn't expect an award at all. Period. It would not have bothered me one iota if he came home without an award at all if he had not earned one. But don't give his friggin award to someone else just to be fair.

Everyone worries about feelings and being politically correct. Stop coddling the kids and start teaching them how to live with disappointment because when they get out in to the real world they aren't going to be rewarded  just to be fair.

P.S. and for chrissake, start using red pens for mistakes. it's not scary. you can see what you did wrong alot easier than with the green and purple..

Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Shenanigans...

 Once school let out life has been non stop .. so here is a glimpse into our comings and goings..

Stick around.. there is still alot of summer left.....

4th Fanfare

The 4th of July in our house could equal Christmas in some other peoples' households. The days are counted down and the anticipation can be felt for weeks in advance. The Man and the Boy begin discussing fireworks and try to figure out when the tents will start setting up right after Memorial Day.

They travel from tent to tent to find the best fireworks for our front lawn extravaganza and then they take a drive out of state for the backyard bonanza.

They just cant' get enough...

The Man and the neighbor put on a show for all the kids to entertain them up until the Big fireworks show over at the golf course.

If you ask the kids which ones they like more they always say ours.

Well except Alexa and Molly.. they prefer to watch from indoors as the the noise freak them out..