Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Evil Genius Muwahahahaha

If only he would use his intelligence for good. I am exaggerating of course. We had conferences last night. We met with the Kindergarten teacher. I was worried that the issues would be behavioral. And I was right on the money.

She said he is very intelligent and meticulous and a bunch of other good things. But as soon as he is given a couple seconds or minutes of *in between activity* time he gets sidetracked and that is where the problems arise. He will goof off trying to get the other kids to laugh and be everyone's friend.

So the teacher is going to try a new tactic and so are we at home. Positive reinforcement. From what she says he thrives with it so we are going to tell him something positive as soon as he wakes up in the morning and as soon as he gets home at night.

Next conference is in January.. I'm hopnig the behavior is better by then.

The Eye of the Tiger

Meet Rocky.... Rockstar... Rock. You can all him whatever.. he doesn't really know his name yet anyway. He is an 11 1/2 week old poodle/ yorkie mix. He won't grow larger than 12 pounds and is a non shedding dog. Two pluses in my book. The kids love him and so do I.

He is a wonderful addition to our family and I am so grateful that he is such a great puppy. As I type this he is sleeping under my desk at work. Yes, I bring him to work. My boss agreed to it so I wouldn't have to leave him home all day. We are dog friendly here.. there were 2 golden retrievers and 1 cocker spaniel here every day for the 1st 12 years I worked here. So a new puppy is a good thing. Everyone likes him .. well most everyone.. he tends to migrate towards the office of the 1 person that is not super fond of dogs. Oh well.. kick him out :)

And I was happy to find out that it's not as hard getting 3 kids and a dog out at 7 a.m. as I thought it would be.. just requires alot of nighttime prep. All is well in my little world.. let's hope it stays that way .

Friday, November 20, 2009

Ho Ho Ho and all that stuff

We are in full swing preparing for Christmas. The outside decorations are up much to the dismay of certain neighbors. Not lit mind you but up all the same. Our house could compete with the Griswalds if I don't pull in the reigns and nix alot of Sparky's wishes. But I digress.

I have started shopping, check that, I have BEEN shopping.. I started in October. I am just about done all 3 kids and only have stocking stuffers to buy. But I now realize why some people are still shopping a couple days prior to the 25th. My kids keep seeing things they want. So where does one draw the line? Do you give the child a cutoff date for their requests. Like "Sorry buddy.. you didn't ask for that before such and such date so you can't have it". But then you have to factor the Jolly man in red into the equation. They think if they ask Santa it shall be. So we have to pull the "well Santa knows that I said no so he won't bring it even if you ask". Of course this is only if they actually SIT on his lap and ask. Chloe "claims" she sat on Santa's lap at day care last week.. I'll believe it when I see it. She hasn't sat calmly on the big man's lap since she was a new born. Alexa will most likely be the jumper this year. Aedan will only sit because he thinks he won't get a darn thing without addressing Santa directly. Thins brings me to a complaint. Santa is already at our mall. Can't these money hungry malls hold off to at least Black Friday to bring him in ??

We are going to meet a new puppy tomorrow morning. God help me yes I would love a dog. The clincher is Chloe. She runs from the 8 week old pomeranian next door. So I told the breeder everything is contingent on Chloe being calm and enjoying the dog's presence. If she bolts then we go to pet plan #2 which is a guinea pig or hamsters. She really wants hamsters or the GP and is not so crazy about the puppy idea. so I guess we'll see.

Tonite we clean the living room and move furniture so Sparky can put the tree up. We'll decorate etc over the next week or so. We need to do it in phases now that we have 3 little ones to tend to.

We aren't trying to skip Thanksgiving but we need to find the time for everything in between the regular running and all the extras like b-day parties etc.

Now.. if I could have a helicopter that could fly me to the 4 different golf courses to get Jim's presents I'd be in heaven.. but since I don't I'll have to fit those trips in too..

Monday, November 16, 2009

Unwanted advice

OK.. So I post something on Facebook. It's just a statement. I did not say "hey everybody what do you think?" So why does everyone feel the need to warn me and tell me what I'm doing is wrong etc. I mean seriously people. I'm a big girl I can make my own decisions an I can regret them all on my own. Thank you very much.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Veterans Day every year is a happy day in our house because it's the day that our First Born and only Son was born. Thanks to Aedan I got close to 4 months off of work paid. You caused a ruckus in there and yet didn't want to come out. My womb was your own little studio apartment with free meals and a great heating system.

You are most definitely my child and I am finding as you grow older you will be a force to be reckoned with. Your natural wit and hair trigger temper give us loads of laughs and frustrations all at once.

I am constantly amazed at your clever ability to figure things out. And the ease with which you learn new tasks. These two traits will get you far so be sure and hone those skills. Keep your body moving, your mind working and your heart open and you will find happiness in whatever you do.

I hope your day today is as wonderful as mine was 6 years ago. Happy 6th Birthday Aedan !

Our Little Trip to the Store

It was supposed to be quick and simple. Go in with A & C so they could pick their cakes design for Saturday's party. As soon as we arrive at the bakery counter Aedan starts climbing.. after a couple polite "please don't climb"'s I resorted to "get down or I'll smack you" . Chloe wanted the butterfly cupcake cake and took a bit of coaxing to get her to even look at the book. Got the Star Wars Cake and the Little Mermaid cake ordered. Then to pick out cupcakes for his Kindergarten class and get the rice krispies and marshmallows for his Day Care treat. Allergies prevent me from just sending whatever to Day care.

All through thee store they are running and yelling and choking each other and doing everything to drive me over the edge. I am sure I'm on the highlight reels at Giant threatening my kids with bodily harm.

So we get into the car and Jim really lays into them for not listening etc. So I tell them they are getting their asses beat when we get home and going to bed early etc. and Jim reiterates it. We run thru Sonic and after that are driving home. I'm fuming and I got an idea.

"Here's the deal " I say. "Do you want your ass beat or do you want to go to bed early?" "you pick."

In the dark of the van I hear a little voice say "I'll get my ass beat please"
At which point I look at Jim and we both crack the hell up..

Aedan chose early bed. Chloe will sell all her toys if it means she can stay up later.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's a pig sty in here

What I am referring to is the health related issues and not the cleanliness of my home. Of course every day at approximately 7 pm my house looks like a bomb struck it but that's besides the point.

Everything I'm reading says that it isn't Flu season yet so if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms with a fever then you most likely have the swine flu. So in essence since October 19th we've been dealing with flu-like symptoms..slowly making it's way thru each child. It is currently dragging the boy down. I would put money on the fact that the swine flu has made it's way through each child and will eventually hit me at the most inopportune time. And once I have recovered the man will get struck and will be dying I'm sure when I had just recovered after working full time and taking care of everything while popping meds to keep me on my feet.

Oh lord please let it be gone and not catch up with the man or else I may have to ship his ass off to some other house while he wallows in his illness.