Tuesday, October 27, 2009

1...2...3.. strikes you're out at the ol' ball game !!

I can't tell you how long I've enjoyed the game of baseball or should I say watching the Phillies play the game of baseball. All I know is that I have never enjoyed a season as much as this one. Maybe because the Phils are the champs.. I just don't know..

So when I see articles like this I get a little punchy and want to call someone out..

NY Post Mocks Phillies as "Frillies"

You don't want to get into a pissing match with the Phillies' fans.. you will always lose..

Just know that come Wednesday my ass will be parked in front of my TV praying that the Phightins hand the "Wankees" their ass on a fine silver platter. Phils in 5..

Friday, October 16, 2009

Parenting 101 - F

I've failed. At least that is how it feels to me. I suppose I am more embarrassed than anything. My child was not raised to disrespect anyone or disrupt the class when he should be learning.

I received an email from Aedan's Kindergarten teacher today. Phrases like "class clown" and "incredible persistence after being asked to stop twice" stand out from the 3 paragraph email describing my eldest child's behavior. According to her this is not the first time it has happened but the instances before have been miniscule and this is actually a *last straw* type email. She's hoping that bringing this to our attention now will straighten him out. Truthfully.. knowing him, I doubt it. My boy can be incredibly stubborn when he wants to be. An unfortunate character flaw he inherited from his Mother.

If it was just him goofing off I'd take it less seriously but because he is disrupting the rest of the class with his shenanigans we've had to pull out the big guns.

No DSLite for his birthday unless we see a significant improvement in the next 4 weeks. And when /if it happens again he doesn't get to go to the library with his class. I think the lack if Library will really kill him. He looked truly upset when I told him that was the consequence the next time he steps out of line.

If this doesn't work we may have to look into reform schools for grades 1 thru 8.

A Jinx

Seems I may be a jinx.

I say "way to go " with regards to the Phils triple etc. last night .. and BAM! the ding dang dodgers come back to within 1...

I say I'm thankful that my family is happy and healthy.. and BAM! Day care calls to report Alexa's 103 temp.

Can I go home and climb under the covers with my baby and watch good movies please ??

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Not a Nice One

Aedan tells me this morning
"Mom, I had a dream and it was not a nice one"
Me: "oh really? What was it about?"
Aedan: " all of us were in it and there was a monster and it killed Daddy."
me: "Oh boy I'm sorry Monk. You know monsters aren't real and it was just a bad dream" right?
Aedan: "yeah"
Me: "When did you have that dream?"
Aedan: "right now when I woke up"
Me: "Why didn't you come get me"
Aedan: "Cause I can handle it"

Little does he know there are real monsters out there. They just don't look all green and furry with fangs. They look like everyone else.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Princess Chloe !

Not much I can say. She's 4 today and I can remember the day of her birth like it was yesterday. Such a wonderful day. Over the past 4 years she has made me happy and sad, laugh and cry and go a little bit insane. She is the epitome of the middle child and I wouldn't have it any other way.

She is my daughter and I love her.

Chloe in Pictures

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sharing Time

Now that school is in full swing I have to find new ways of getting information out of Aedan. He's not big on sharing most days. You have to practically pry the information out of him.

Last week was Fire Safety week at Daycare and Kindergarten. The fire house across the street from DC sent a truck and a couple firefighters over to talk to the kids etc.
We didn't hear much about it. Then yesterday when we were going out we saw the ladders extended at the firehouse. So I draw their attention to it. We asked Aedan if they did that when they came to his school. No .. buuutt, we got to sit in the front seat of the fire engine and then we went into the burning house. Wait. What ?!? Apparently they have this mobile home or something like it that they put the kids in and then "fill it with vanilla white smoke". They have to get down and practice escaping the burning building. He thought that was very cool.

Then last night he put a blow pop on the counter.
I said "Where did that come from?"
He says "OH. I got to pick from the treat box"
Me- "Why?"
He replies, "Because I guessed the smelly hands flavor"

*scratching head*

"OK. What is smelly hands?"

"well. it's like lip gloss but not lip gloss. We put our hands on top of our head and Mrs. G rubs the gloss on there. We sniff it and have to tell her what flavor it is. If we get it right we get to pick from the treat box. "

Oh well that explains it.

I'll need to check in with him more often and bug him for info so I don't miss any more smokey houses and smelly hands.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Memory Lane

I've been feeling very nostalgic of late. Probably as a result of the phenomena that is Facebook. "Seeing" and being in contact with old classmates and friends has brought a smile to my face. Meeting up with them has and will be even more fun. It seems to me not much has changed except maybe everyone's physical appearance. I mean 20-some years can do a number on you when you aren't looking. I am evidence of that. And yet it's so easy to fall right back into the old relationship. I hope it continues to make me smile.

In talking with my Step-Mom last night we were discussing some movies that myself and my cousin watched over and over and loved. I decided to google one of our favorites movies and found that I could get it on VHS new for $51. What ?!?! Shipwreck! from 1978 was the most watched movie in my father's house. And we only got to see it because a co-worker of his taped it from HBO for us. It was a crappy copy at best. I can only imagine what it will look like when Susan digs it out of the basement cabinet. The thought of that movie took me back so many years to nights with a big aluminum mixing bowl full of air popped popcorn floating in melted butter. Those were the best nights.

Music is also taking me back lately. Mostly to College but every once in a while I get a flash back to my childhood when a song comes on the radio. It makes me crave more memories.

I'm starting to understand the grin that came across my parents and grandparents face when they were relaying a story from their own childhoods. Remembering makes people happy most of the time. The happy memories tend to shine a little brighter than the sad ones in the shadows of our minds.

All this has caused me to want to find out more about my ancestors. So I have a request in with my Mother to get as many names and birthdates/years of her family so I can start to research my roots. Should be interesting.

Now I need to go google a couple more movies to see if I can get my greedy nostalgic hands on them

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Well check

I had Alexa's well check on Monday. This child can warm up to anyone if she is well rested, fed, and given some time. None of which is usually the case when we go to the Dr. We only manage to get the appointments that fall right around dinnertime. So she is usually miserable. And if she isn't miserable going in.. she does the 180 when we are in the exam room and the nurse looks at her. I was smart this time and wore a short sleeve shirt so that I wasn't overheating while she clung and screamed and literally tried to climb inside.
She is 24 pounds and 6 ounces at 18 months. She is about the same as the other two at this age but she is much thinner simply because she taller than they were. Two Immunizations, a flu shot and some serious screaming later she is growing nicely and everything looks great says Dr. McW.

Now if we could just work on her people skills we'd be A-OK.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Finallly I'm in the Know

Our school district is 1/2 day kindergarten. The reasoning flying around for it not being all day were 1. Too many Stay at Home Moms, 2. Not enough teachers, 3. Not enough room and 4. Not enough money.

I finally got the dirt this morning and it's even more disappointing than the reasons listed. Seems we are not a Title 1 school. Which in layman's terms means we don't have alot of kids getting free lunch. And we are not "Established" which means we don't have enough money coming in.

Don't get me wrong. I don't desire to be a Title 1 school. I'd much rather have the "Established" classification.

Either way, because of our status, we may not even be full day come 2011 when my Chloe starts Kindergarten which is what we were hoping for. If I didn't work 40 hours a week with about 8-10 hours of commuting to said job I may not be as keen for the all day K. But my status being as it is, that's what "I" need.

It all comes back the same old mantra.. I need to hit the lottery.