Monday, September 28, 2009

Little Person .. Big Attitude.

I am amazed that at the ripe old age of 18 months the Littlest Person has developed an attitude. She has a temper and a comedic side. A sweet and a sassy side.

Don't piss that one off. She has begun the "slam and toss" method of anger management. If you offer her something and she really doesn't want it it will get slammed on whatever surface is in front of her or else she'll chuck it across the room. Not fun when it's yogurt.

She has this expression where she'll lower her head and just look up with her eyes at you and sneak a little grin out that showcases her left dimple.. even if you are angry about the yogurt flying that look will melt your heart in a second.

She has a hearty little belly laugh and her eyes dance when she's entertained. She truly is one of a kind.

It amazes me how different and also how similar all 3 kids are. I'm enjoying seeing all the facets of their personalities from day to day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All Lovey Dovey

Aedan and Chloe don't get along well all the time. They can play nicely and then it can get ugly with the games of *keep away* and *punch the baby doll in the head* along with Princess Tattle. Some days I'd like to lock them in a room and let them fight it out. Some days they are super nice to one another and sometimes they are attacking each other. Isn't 5 and 3 a little early for this ?? I am not prepared. Someone will get pushed off the couch if they cross the *line*. Don't touch my stuff! It's not like they are together all day. I was under the impression that absence makes the heart grow fonder.. Hell it makes my heart grow fonder of them when I am at work all day. That's for sure. I can be at home for about 30 minutes at night and wonder why I was missing them.

Maybe it's the way Aedan now stops to give both his sisters a kiss before he gets out of the car each morning. Chloe grabs him and holds him in a bear hug until I tell her to let him go. It's very sweet and it reminds me of why I love them so but dag couldn't they do that all the time? Nope.. Aedan has to do something to annoy her which cause her to switch to banshee mode and rush him full force with a scowl on her face growling at him.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Willy Loman he is not

I received the Fall Fundraiser Packet in Aedan's tote yesterday. The envelope has pictures of all the prizes you can earn by selling all over it. Aedan immediately decided he wanted to get the remote control race car. You have to sell 50 items to qualify for that particular prize. I don't see it happening but I don't want to dash his hopes.

Jim asks him if he wants to go next door to see if they want to buy anything before the other neighborhood kids hit them. He says YES! Then I turn around and he's standing there with his Hot Wheels case of 150 cars lugging it across the living room. I look at him and ask what he's doing. He says I have to sell 50 of these. I controlled my amusement and said calmly "honey no. You don't have to sell your cars" He looks seriously concerned on the verge of upset and says "YES I DO !" I help him put down the case and lead him to the paperwork and show him what needs to be done. He let out a huge sigh of relief, grabbed all the paperwork and ran out the door with Jim in tow to get selling.

Books Glorious Books

My kids have always loved books. But over the summer we spend more time outside so once we come in for the night it's bath, snack and bed. Now that the weather is cooler and it gets dark a bit earlier we come in earlier. Aedan's teacher gave us a chart to keep track of the books he reads each day. So of course the competitor in him wants to read more each day than the day before. I can't keep up the pace he is setting. Seven or Eight books is too much most nights. I am so happy that they both enjoy it though I hope they continue to enjoy reading as much as I did in my younger days and even now when I can find time to enjoy a good book.

Aedan was ecstatic on Monday when he had library and was able to pick out a book and bring it home. I promised him I would find time to get us over to our public Library so he could do the same at home.

The baby won't sit still for a book but she's still young. There's hope for her yet.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Men can be super stupid if they want to. Although sometimes I truly think they just don't realize they are being idiots.

Man is in the doghouse currently.
Sunday he golfed from 7-12 came home and proceeded to head next door to watch the football game with the neighbor.
While he was gone (he took Aedan with him) I took the girls and we went coat rack hunting. I found a fancy one at the furniture store and bought it knowing I could return it. I lugged that sucker out and worked it into the van all by myself.

At halftime Jim is outside with the boys tossing the football. He agrees with me that this coat rack is not what we need. So I say I need to take it back today or tomorrow because it was on sale and I only have 24 hours. I say. "you watch the kids and I;ll run it back" He looks at me all serious and says. "I'm going to miss kick off for the 2nd half". I told him that sucks and loaded the rack back in the van and was gone approx. 15 minutes. He comes home from the game and proceeds to get angry at Chloe because she's wearing the neighbors shorts. Apparently she peed while she was over there and was given new pants to wear. Blah blah..

Then he sits on his butt and takes a nap in the recliner for 1.5 hours.

now... I have pretty much done nothing but chores and housework while home the whole weekend. And he spent 9 hours doing his own thing on Sunday. This is in addition to the 5 hours he works every Saturday morning.

If I wasn't pissed enough about all that.. while at the Dr. on Monday (see other entry) I called his phone to have him drive the 1 mile over and pick up the girls so I can deal with Aedan. He ignores the call. And I am stuck in radiology waiting room for over an hour with 3 hungry tired children.

Now. if his body was found in a ditch somewhere and the evidence was pointing to me.. would you convict?? I think not.

Better safe than Sorry?

I'm not so sure after last night. I surely was sorry at a few different moments.

On Sunday, while I was cleaning and doing various chores to get ready for the week Jim was next door watching the football game with the neighbor. This was after his 5 hour golf game. I won't get started.. that's another post in and of itself. Aedan and he were outside tossing the football around during halftime. Aedan must have hurt his finger because he came in and asked for ice. I never even looked at it. He wasn't crying or anything. Gave him the ice and he went on his way. Later that night while brushing teeth he was complaining it was still hurting. I looked and it didn't look good. Swollen and purple from the knuckle to his hand. So yesterday I call the Dr. to get an appt. to have the Dr. take a look at it.

I leave work early and pick up the girls at Day Care and then head home to get Aedan. We get to the Dr. for a 4:30 appt. The Dr. is also concerned so she sends us upstairs for x rays. First I have to register him. SO I cart all 3 kids with me into that waiting room. They are JACKED up. After waiting there for 15 minutes they call us into an office to register. They are slightly better behaved in there. Oh wait.. I almost forgot.. I called Jim on his cell to see if he can drive around the corner and pick up the girls. He did not answer. Nice. Thanks so much. Headed back into the room where I threaten the two bigs with bodily harm if they don't knock it off.

Once we get registered we head up to radiology. There are like 4 people in front of us. Again.. had to threaten. The baby is getting pissed over EVERYTHING. She just screams and you don't know what she wants. Needless to say I was not prepared for an all nighter. otherwise I'd have candy, books and small toys with us. It was dinnertime and I had nothing to keep them busy. Ten minutes before they called us aback I found a lollipop in the bottom of my purse that I tossed in there for our last outing. I gave it to the baby and promised the other 2 their own gum/mentos if they sat still and behaved til we left. That seemed to help. We go in and get the x-rays done and head out. Apologizing to the other waiters on our way out. Chloe yells "see ya fools" and I was mortified and threatened to leave her in the elevator.

So now today we wait for the Dr. to call with the X-ray results. I hope it's broke simply to make last night's horror show worth the trip.

Paranoia Set in

Last Monday Chloe woke up and I noticed 3 bug bites on her leg near her ankle. I figured she'd gotten bitten the night before out playing. No big deal. Then Tuesday she wakes up with one on each arm also.

I get a little concerned but not too bad. I check the bed etc for a mosquito. Nothing.

The next day someone jokingly suggests bed bugs. That's all I needed. I spend the rest of my work day googling bed bugs, viewing pictures, reading descriptions of what they look like, what their bites look like so on and so forth.

I get home that night and check the bed again. nothing. I pull the sheets and mattress pad and put them in the laundry on hot. That should do it right?

The next day still worrying. I don't want everyone else to have them too.. so I pull her sheets and mattress pad, quilt and extra blankies and put them in the wash again. on hot. While they are washing I pull her bed out and vacuum everywhere.. the whole carpet, down where the carpet meets the baseboards completely. Then I wipe down the whole bed frame. And I take all her stuffed animals in the bin next to her bed and plop them in the dryer for 40 minutes on high heat. I chuck a few things that seem to simply be collecting dust and call it a day.

No more bites since then. Probably a rogue mosquito but you never know with these things so it's better to be safe than sorry. Which brings me to my next entry.. stay tuned.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Some Kind of Wonderful

Despite the pouring rain today I stopped to think and thought.."We are in a pretty darn wonderful place right now."

Back to school is in full swing. All 3 kiddies have adjusted to their respective schedules along with their respective teachers.

Soccer season has started. And even though there is more running required it is fun running because the Boy loves soccer.

The hot summer temps are a thing of the past making way for the wonderful cool temps we are having now. Which means jeans and sweater weather, no A/C driving up my electric bill and playing outside without sweating our asses off. Gotta love it.

Day care costs are at an all time low. Which in and of itself is WONDERFUL.

We are reading books every night since it's getting dark earlier and Aedan needs to keep track of his lap reading for school. Chloe has a new interest in books again and is reading them to herself and anyone that will listen. I am amazed at how she can pretty much tell the story just by hearing it once or twice and then looking at the pictures.

Kids' birthdays and Christmas are coming. Not necessarily a wonderful thing but the fact that I have a list going already with ideas on it is wonderful. The clubhouse is booked for the party because I get it free due to my volunteering as a key person for the association. Otherwise I'd have everyone crammed into my house yet again.

Halloween is soon and I am covered for the girl's costumes and we have a few possibilities as far as Aedan goes. He's difficult and I refuse to spend $80 on a decent costume.

Today is Friday and that is wonderful. As is the fact that we have an ice cream social tonight at School and a friend's annual picnic to attend tomorrow.. Should be a good weekend.

What would make it even better is if I can get all the kid's new clothing washed and switched with the summer stuff. that would make my weekend.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I mean seriously. Can you be more of a 2 faced Bitch ?

*** Background - we have a to do box with everything that need sot be typed in a day and go out. It is in DATE order meaning.. the work that needs to be done 1st is on top. So The Bitch gets in earlier than anyone that types this work. She picks through the box and decides what she wants to do. takes it to her desk and stacks it under her telephone message book. As if no one can see her hoarding it there. She grabs thing off the fax and holds it if she wants to do that instead of other stuff and the same with the emailed requests. She will literally see what's in there and decide if she wants to do it.. if she doesn't she'll busy herself with other work till someone else does what she has skipped. I've grown accustomed to her little game and just blow it off most days. Today is an exception.

***Today - She had her pile going. I went to grab some more work. (one at a time mind you and from the top only) and there was a bond there with notes from her and some additional paperwork that needed to go with it (that was purposely pulled from a file). I looked at it and realized why she wasn't doing it.. Because it's a pain in the ass piece of work and just annoying. So She must have seen that and PUT IT BACK.

But now that I have it I have to do it. Fine. It's my job. But picking up after her and taking her sloppy seconds sure as F-ing Hell ain't my job. I hate her most days.

Love Her

Seriously.. I Love the Kindergarten teacher. I figured I'd like her after meeting her but she's a amazing. :)

How many teachers will respond to your stupid email at 8:56 pm ?? I haven't dealt with teachers before but I think that's above and beyond. :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Issued an Ultimatum

To the Boy. If you do not come home with 2 jackets tonite you will not go out to play.
He wore 1 jacket to school last Tuesday. Forgot it at morning day care. I sent him in on Wednesday wearing another jacket. Grabbed the one from Tuesday and took it with me. He came home Wednesday afternoon sans jacket #2. I drew instructions in picture form and put in his H&S folder so that he would remember to bring it home along with his water bottle. No dice. Thursday evening no jacket. Off from school on Friday. He only has so many jackets. And I can't get to his Kindergarten class to get it myself or I would. I feel like a Dumb-ass Mom emailing the teacher and asking her to remind him to put it in his tote bag. He is supposed to be learning responsibility. But while learning that lesson is he supposed to go without a jacket on the cool mornings and possibly get sick ? I think not.

So I can only hope the threat er .. I mean ultimatum does the trick. Otherwise he'll be quite cold tomorrow morning.

Friday, September 4, 2009

All in a Day's Work

We have reached the end of our first week of Kindergarten. As a matter of fact they have off today for a long labor day weekend. But I will refrain from going off about that.
All week we get home from work and school and we start the chat with Aedan about how his day was and what did he do. I've been frustrated because his answer is "fine" or "nothing". I want to know what he's doing all day. If he's happy or sad, lonely or friendly.

It really ticked me off so I posted it as my status at Facebook.. A couple friends suggested I wait to ask him. And to try doing it at bedtime. He came home exhausted yesterday and proceeded to nap for 1.5 hours after dinner. He woke up miserable but quickly cheered up after a bit. At bedtime I tucked the girls in and headed for his room.

I tucked him all in and laid down next to him. I proceeded to scratch his back because he loves that and it relaxes him. I asked him how is day was. I asked him how day care was, and who he played with and who he rode the bus with. I asked him everything possible and he answered me. Actually gave me answers that were more than one word. He described a book that the librarian read to them and how he was mad because he didn't get to play basketball in the gym during phys ed. And that he rode the bus home in a seat all by himself. That last part made me a little sad for him but I turned it around and told him how much I loved having the seat to myself so I could stretch out and read. It didn't seem to bother him.

So thank you my dear friends for your suggestions because it was right on and it made my evening to finally know what is going on in the boy's life when he isn't with me. :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Feeling something

I'm not exactly sure what I feel. Empty? no. Not complete? no. I'm not sure.. But I feel something everyday after I leave Aedan at his day care center and hit the road with the girls to their day care. I miss him. I guess I am so used to having him with me for that hour from home to school. He's only 2 minutes from home now so the car ride is quick.

As much As I wonder what he's doing and I miss him he still puts me over the edge within 5 minutes of seeing him. Must be because he's also a scorpio.. he knows exactly what will get me riled up and he just keeps at it til I flip out.

Why is irritating your Mother so much fun ? Well I take that back because sometimes I really enjoy irritating my own mother.

Anyway.. I feel something.. not sure if it's glee, remorse or loneliness now that the boy is not in the car with me for 2 hours.. I'll have to get back when I figure it out.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Whole New World

It's a big world out there. And the Boy is running full speed ahead. Aedan started kindergarten yesterday. He woke up happy and didn't need to be prodded into anything to get ready. He was all smiles. Once we got to the day care where he will spend his mornings we went through the routine and he went his merry way with the kids. I could tell he was nervous but he didn't cling or anything. We left him there and went home. Where I bawled my eyes out. It probably would have been way worse had he clung to me.

We went back around noon to see him get on the bus for Kindergarten. I was lucky he acknowledged my presence. I had to tap him on the shoulder to get him to say hi to me.

The bus came and he got right on waving out the window to me and Jim and the girls.

He had a wonderful day and I'm so proud of him.