Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's a Balaclava Charlie Brown

- and other things I've learned this year - 2010 a year in review.

1. I learned that a dog can be housebroken.
2. I learned a child is a little more difficult.
3. I learned that a boy can easily do a 180 from one school year to the next for which I am extremely grateful.
4. I learned that dogs have butts and other familiar body parts the same as humans.
5. I learned that Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights celebrated around the same time as Christmas and a symbol associated with it is a swastika.. yeah.. learned that the hard way and from a 7 year old, but still it's something I learned.:)
6. I learned that those all in one hat/mouth covered/scarf thingy's are called balaclavas. And I learned this after searching for one in stores for over 2 weeks so I can run in the cold air without killing my lungs.
7. I also learned they sell out at Christmas time and you can only find them in random ski shops online after Christmas.
8. I learned that my body CAN run for 3 miles and not die afterwards.
9. I learned that a healthy family relationship isn't solely centered on the family.
10. I learned that my husband does not want to be me. Not for a day and not for a week. And that is why he spoils me.
11. I learned that I can see my Mother almost every day and still love her dearly.
12. I learned that I am extremely grateful for my three children because when I am old and gray I will hopefully have loads of family to visit with on holidays.
13. I also learned that I prefer to be home with my kids than not home even if they drive me bonky when I'm with them.
14. I learned that I have an awesome job. And I am grateful for the work. Even if it sucks when I have to work when loads of other people are off.. namely my husband.
15. I learned that I LOVE the rush I get from helping others.
16. I also learned that I love taking pictures of my kids just as much now as I did when they were babies.
17. I learned that some dreams DO come true.
18. I learned that the minivan can hit 90 easily on the turnpike and still be in eco drive which saves on gas.

19. And I know I don't need to have any resolutions in order to do something I want to do.

Happy New Year everyone.. I hope you've learned a few things as well in 2010.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Rushed Update

Since I am about a week away from Christmas I don't have the time or energy to post a full, thought evoking blog so I'll bring you up to date with photos. :)

I'll be back shortly after Christmas to go over the year and look ahead to the new year.

On that note.. Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night..