Thursday, February 26, 2009

Second Thoughts

Is it possible I am having second thoughts about the Big Snip due to occur next Friday?? I suppose it is possible. But insane in my opinion. I guess I'm thinking too much since hearing of a few new babies arriving lately. I have 3 children. Most people would say thanks and be done. Not me. I guess I'm greedy. Greedy for that feeling of being pregnant. Greedy for the excitement that comes with the arrival at the hospital to meet the little person. And dare I say greedy for the time in the hospital all by myself with the little imp for those first few days. Because in all reality being the 4th child that is the last time he or she would get mommy and me time for a while. LOL

We know we don't want or need anymore children. We are perfectly happy with the 3 we have and yet there is this little piece of me that is still yearning to be pregnant.

I guess I'll have to learn to enjoy everyone else's new babies in the future.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Girl's Day Out... Update

Things went well. The girly shopping spree lasted all of 1 hour and 10 minutes. We had fun. But maybe she was tired. Libby Lu was no longer there so that's a good 1/2 hour of time we didn't have to accessorize.
She got lots of "prizes" and walked through the mall in her cherry dress and mardi gras beads. ( Her idea of dressed up like a princess.) We skipped the tiaras. :)
She would have preffered the whole family went together. Here I'm thinking she's been neglected of one on one time with me and she could really care less. Go figure.

I need to hit the lottery

So I can do whatever the hell I want on any given day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A "Girls Only" Day Out

I have decided that Chloe needs some one on one time. We always do things as a family or else Jim takes Aedan places. and I stay home with the girls. Which I love because I'm a homebody. But I've realized that Chloe was being neglected. When she goes places it is always with Aedan and Alexa in tow. So on Sunday she and I will venture out by ourselves. She wanted to take Alexa with us " but no boys like Daddy and Aedan" . But I've decided that it will be better to just be the two of us. No stress of the stroller or bottles etc. Of course Jim had it planned that he was taking Master Aedan to the movies.. well sorry buddy you'll have the baby too. So deal. :)

We will most likely hit the BIG mall. Have pizza (her favorite) for lunch. Then hit all the fun stores like Claire's, Hello Kitty, Libby Lu and possibly Build-a-Bear. Then any other ones we see in our travels that look like a 3 year old girl would enjoy. When I asked her what she wanted to do she said "Look at jewelry and jewelry boxes" :) A girl after my own heart. So we will do that also.

on a side note..
Chloe has this habit of picking up a toy or something and carrying it with her everywhere including bed for a week or so before moving to another object. So seeing her pull dolls etc from out from under her pillow every morning is not suprising in the least. What did surprise me was what she pulled out on Monday morning. She gets out of bed, lifts her pillow and pulls out 4 mini princess dolls and a purple plastic butcher/cake knife. I was a bit disturbed that my 3 year old is sleeping with a knife under her pillow albeit a purple plastic knife. She then proceeds to put on her cinderella shoes, and grab her pocketbook that hangs on the bed rail. I ask her why she has the knife and she simply says "Because I like it" OK.. enough said.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Looking for Spring

I'm sick of being stuck inside. Everyone is so much happier, including myself, when we can get outside for some time each day. If it were just myself and the 2 older children it would not be an issue... we'd be out there.. But with Alexa it's more difficult. She can't be outside in the cold for extended periods of time. We were outside every day after bringing her home last spring. Anyone that knows us knows we are an outside family and thrive on that time. So I'm hoping spring arrives soon and we can all enjoy a bit of space and fresh air on a regular basis.

Off topic.. but the beginning of the end is near.. as of next month we are definitely not having any more children. The appointment has been set.

On to another topic.. my official Kindergarten registration meeting is next week.. after collecting all of my important papers to prove we live here etc. We will finally be done until they inform us whether we are Morning or afternoon.. Pray it's afternoon.. it will be soo much easier in the long run

and yet another topic.. I am getting anew computer.. a shiny new laptop with our return money. I can't wait to be able to log on from anywhere in my home..