Monday, April 4, 2011

Mastermind or Evil Genius..

The boy's mind works in a way that I just can't grasp. Especially with games.

I want someone to teach him chess because I think he'd LOVE it.. I have no clue how to play so I'm useless.

I picked up a travel size Connect Four for him for Christmas. It was a more of a  "make sure the piles are equal" kind of gift. Well, that was a mistake. He wants to play anyone and everyone almost every day. And it's an off day if he loses 1 out of 5 games.

His mind can figure out how to set it up so he has 2 ways to win and you simply cannot beat him. He is 3 steps ahead with every play.  He has beaten us in 5 moves.. that's how good he is or maybe how bad we are. It's gotten to be a real competition for the adults here. My Mother plays him for money.  I play and sit there staring at the board before I make my *last* move.. It's insanity. Then when I lose I insist we play again, which is exactly what he wants to hear. He laughs his maniacal little laugh and says.. "I win.. again."

He plays this way with Blockus as well. I enjoy Blockus because at least with that I have a chance of winning on occasion. A very rare occasion.

He's like Rainman. I think I need to take him to Vegas in a couple years.

Note to self: find someone who knows how to play chess, get a chess board and have him learn.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

From Baby to Big Girl...

How did time fly by so fast that she could possibly grow from this ..

To this…. 

in the blink of an eye. Have three years gone by already?  No wonder my womb is aching and yearning to be full again. It’s about this time that I’d be delivering again had we decided on a 4th.  My Baby is no longer a baby and how I miss those days.  I gravitate towards all the new babies in my life like a parasite looking for a fresh host. I’m so glad my sister has accommodated me.  But she lives to far for me to get my fill often enough.

Alexa is at a great stage and yet I still miss those cuddly baby stages. She still cuddles but it’s usually at about 4 am when she climbs into my bed to finish her sleep off in my bed. Then she’ll wake up around 6:45 and ask for her chocolate milk. And if she doesn’t get it shortly thereafter her stubborn streak will wake the house up. She is a loud one. She's got some sass and a flair for the dramatic. She's got a style all her own and she is tough as nails. And then in an instant she can be sweet as pie. Even if it's only to get a piece of green gum.

She is so different from her brother and sister but wants to be just like them and grow up so fast while I try desperately to keep her little.  Two years from now she will be waving from the school bus and on her way to Kindergarten as I bawl my eyes out and wonder what happened to all of my chubby cheeked babies.

I don’t want to keep her from growing and learning but gosh in my mind if I let her do all the exciting things then she’ll just grow up faster and be gone in an instant. And as much as they drive me batty, I want my kids around me. Always. 

So Alexa on the eve of your 3rd Birthday I want to wish you many years of happiness, love and adventure. Have fun because there is plenty of time to be serious. Believe me.  Be goofy and sing whatever you want and dance in the middle of the room and who cares who’s watching you.  Listen to your gut. If it feels wrong it probably is and if it feels right then go for it.  And every once in a while invite your old Mom on an adventure or two.. I could stand the fun. 

Happy Birthday Alexa Paige we love you lots and lots.