Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lucky Number 13

September 26th is a couple days away and as usual it causes me to reminisce and reflect on my life so far.  I think about the decisions I've made with and without Jim's input and the results of those decisions. We got married in 1998 but we started dating long before that. We were together for 5 years before we even got married. So even though we are only married 13 years I feel as though we have already grown old together. We are comfortable.  This can be good and bad at times. Sometimes I find we lack the excitement that a relationship needs to thrive and then in the same instant I realize we have too much excitement.. it's just a different kind.

We were talking about something the other night and the topic turned to having only one child.  This lead to a conversation about how money is spent on one child and different activities are different with one child because you have more money to be spent on the activities etc. Jim looked at me and said "Would things be easier if we just had Aedan?"  I looked at him and said "Well yeah.. but then we would just have Aedan."  The conversation stopped dead there.  We can't picture our life differently because it's perfect for us.  It may be hard at times but it's the uphill struggles that makes the downhill butterflies in your stomach all that much better.

So if I had to wonder if 13 really is lucky I would say yes... because I feel lucky. And that is all that matters.

Happy Anniversary to me.. Lucky Number 13.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Peer Pressure

Whoever says it's bad I'd like to sit down and argue to the contrary. Alexa has been in Pre-School for exactly 2 days and has already peed on the potty more in those 2 days than she has in the past year of me bribing, coddling, threatening, rewarding, and every other way of reasoning with a 3 year old.  So the way I look at it .. if it works then let's run with it..

New Year.. New Teacher .. New ways to work the system..

The boy. Need I say more? To some of you, maybe not. To most I'll have to elaborate. He likes to work the system, aka his parents, teachers and anyone of authority.

Case in point. Day two of the new school year. We are at home that evening and asking the kids how their days went and what they did, etc.  Aedan gets a proud look on his face and says.. "I had my seat moved" .  I immediately went into flip out mode and started spewing questions.. "What did you do? Were you talking? It's day 2 for crying out loud !" and so on and so forth. He goes on to say that he asked to be moved because Girl #1 and boy #1 were talking too much and he didn't want to be in trouble. And Mrs. H moved him to the group of tables that sat his best buddy C.  Let the eye rolls commence. I doubted him of course as is my job after years of experience. He assured me that he was telling the truth. I said, "well good for you but if I find out you're goofing off with C then you're done and you'll regret it". That was a week ago.

Fast forward to tonight. Back to School night. A lovely evening out where parents race to school after work and feeding the kids on the fly to meet the teachers and find out what they are gonna teach your kids this year.  We get there and meet his teacher Mrs. H who is 9.75 months pregnant and ready to go so we also get to meet Ms. C who is on call to take her place at a day's notice. Both very nice ladies.  Get to talking and I warn her about the seating arrangements and how Aedan and C are best buds.  And I relay how the seating arrangement came to fruition. "yeah he's a little chatty" oh...But wait.. she gets a bit wide eyed and chuckles... we tell her Aedan's version of the story and she CORRECTS it for us. Aedan was moved because he was yappin' it up with his friends at the other table.  So I tell her she'll need to keep a close watch on him.. and I relay the same message to the sub. He thinks he is so smart... and he would have gotten away with it had we missed that darn meeting...

Watch that boy.. he's an evil genius. And he's always scheming.