Wednesday, April 29, 2009

*Free Time*

Which means if I don't want to do any housework, I don't have to. Or FEEL like I have to. :) DH has left the building and traveling south towards the swine flu epidemic.. so myself and the 3 midgets are home to enjoy whatever we want. :) Not that we can't enjoy things while he is home but I won't feel the pressure or possible criticism if I don't get something done . And all that is technically in my head. He never criticizes or tells me I have to do something. He knows better. :) So in other words.. "I" won't feel like I'm slacking if I sit with the kids and watch a movie instead of cleaning. :)

On the way home we'll decide what to have for dinner. Then we'll hit the Grocery store for essentials like honey buns, popcorn, cream cheese, ice cream. You know.. the important stuff. Oh and milk too. We'll watch American Idol or a disney movie of their choice. :) And I will get some much needed rest .. while folding laundry.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I wonder ...

....if it's possible to like your job, as I do and yet still not want to be here ?? I enjoy my job most days. I've been here almost 17 years. So that would suck if I hated it. :)

Slowly but Surely

I am purging baby clothes and gear. Luckily I know of a few new babies and a new girl on the way courtesy of my cousin. :) I always prefer to give what I have to family that needs it because I hate to just get rid of it. Not that Purple Heart is a bad option. They get everything else.

I am enjoying packing stuff up and getting it out of my house rather than storing it somewhere in a Rubbermaid bin in a basement closet or garage. And all that gear like the bouncer, swing etc. has already gone to Day Care for the baby room. I have a few things that are still in great shape that my sister wants so once I give up the exersaucer it will head to her house.

Now all I have to *store* is Chloe's clothes. Most of which will never be worn by Alexa simply because the season/ sizes aren't lining up so great. But the random onesie shirts and sweat pants and stretchies will be great :)

I was sitting in my living room the other night and I said to my dear husband that it will be nice when the majority of the toys are in the basement and I can put a nice reading chair in that corner by the window. Seems to be a couple years off but hey .. a woman can dream. :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm tired. bored.

It's absolutely gorgeous outside and I'm sitting here in the office looking for things to keep me ocupado until 4:00 pm rolls around.. Ok I admit there is PLENTY of work. I just don't *feel* like doing ANY of it. This week has dragged on forever it seems. So I'll busy myself with some really easy stuff to take me to dismissal and then book out like a bat out of hell. :)

TGIF ????

Not so sure.. I mean sure.. I am glad it's Friday. Otherwise I'd have to figure out when to get all my chores done during the week instead of the weekend.
It's not a super day . I am still dealing with bronchitis and it seems to be getting worse.. at least the cough is. May now be a sinus infection too. Anyway.. enough about me. Alexa went to the ENT last Thursday. No infection then. But they did spot some fluid behind an ear drum. OK so they gave me Amoxicillan to try and head the possibility of an infection off at the pass. Well today daycare calls. That dreaded call .. A has a 102.3 fever. OK so I look like a tool if I don't pick her up. They called to give me the heads up that they were going to give her some tylenol and see how that helps. She's not miserable, just a bit lethargic. So now I have to judge the situation tonite and tomorrow and possibly take her in to the Dr. on Sunday morning. I'm hoping it will be wasted money and it's just her darn tooth coming in but better to be safe than sorry. Thank god for sunday office hours. This poor kid has seen more of that office than I'd like in her 12 months of life.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Damn new fangled technology

Why can't you just leave well enough alone and not cater to the lazy ass people in this world?? It would make my life a little bit easier. Automatic sliding doors. Why ?? Because you can't simply pull the damn thing open ?? OK I'll admit hitting the button and having the kids get in while I'm dragging my own butt to the car along with the baby and all the bags etc. is nice.. but technically not necessary. I would have been just as happy with manual doors. Then I wouldn't be dealing with the issues I am dealing with. Murphy's Law.. if something CAN go wrong it usually will. Seems to be my life.. must have something to do with the MURPHY blood running through my veins. After having the van for only 4 months the darn slider doesn't shut if moisture builds up and it's raining. At first we figured it was a fluke.. learned quickly that it is not a fluke. So of course it only happens when it is wet and/or raining. Then I have to stand there opening and shutting multiple times before it finally latches.. Not fun. because it is usually raining. The 1st 2 times I took it in they could not duplicate the problem. The 3rd time, in January I had it in after a day and a half they called Honda and followed instructions for adjusting the latch and it was fixed. We thought.. Fast forward to last week.. rainy Wednesday ... does not close.. the kids are getting wet and so am I while opening and shutting for 10 minutes.. thus making my trek to work start later than it should. In yesterday for service., had it all day . can't find a problem and it's working properly according to them. perfect. Oh and they don't supply loaner cars so I had to pay for a rental so I wouldn't miss work. I thought american cars were the ones that should break?? This is my 1st foreign car and so far it sucks.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Party in the Potty

I think the Chloe as finally "got it" . *doin' the pee pee dance* She likes to wear her big girl panties and will try her darndest to get in there in time. Granted she has had a few accidents.. nothing major, thank goodness. But she is well on her way to being a potty going little girl instead of a diaper/pullup wearing baby. :) One more hurdle passed.. woo hoo!!! FINALLY

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Queen's New Clothes

no .. not the emporer... there's none of that .. believe me no one wants to see that these days.

I was just sitting here lapsing into a butter cookie induced coma and I realized.. most of my wardrobe is simply thrown together anymore. I mean I used to get a new outfit or at least have a nice slightly used one for each and every holiday. Now It seems I look through my closet the night before and pray I have something decent to wear. I made it a point to get a new dress for #3's christening.. and I have worn that dress a couple times since.. and now again for Easter. I will most likely wear a couple more times before it gets retired to the back of the closet. I just find this funny because I make it a point to make sure the children are dressed impeccably for every holiday and event. Maybe it's because I'm not too keen on how I look since giving birth. That 3rd C-section did a number on my stomach/abs. I suppose there is only a few times you can pull apart the muscles in a 4 year period before they don't go back the way they should. oh well.. So I only get myself odds and ends as far as clothing goes.. and it's usually jeans and t-shirts. I don't have to dress up for work and my weekends are usually spent in sweats and T's. So the need for fancy stuff is almost nil. Now I'm just happy to have something that isn't too short-waisted or too tight in the butt. I guess that's all I can hope for .

I am "that" Mom

You know... the one that says forever that she won't do or say what her own mother did or said. It must be genetic. I mean really.. It has to be in my genes. How else can you explain the phenomena ?? You start out parenthood saying you would never say that or do that and yet.. it inevitably happens.. the words come spewing from you mouth almost as though you are possessed by some demon.

"You keep crying/screaming and I'll give you something to cry/scream about" - That is one of my favorites.

"If you keep it up I'll pull this car over" .. said that and pulled the car over for effect just this

"If you don't start behaving the Easter Bunny won't come" .. yeah that's an empty threat and I am almost positive they know that..

"are ya deaf?? "

You get the drift..

then I get.. "You're the meanest Mom ever" to which I respond "well maybe you can go find another Mom who won't love you as much. But you go right ahead.. "

I've even gone so far as packing a bag for the eldest on a particularly bad/mouthy day.

lordy.. it's a vicious circle.. but as much as I talk, I would never sell my child to the guy walking down the street or make them leave home at the age of 5. I love having them near me way too much despite the bad days.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Odds and Ends

** OK... last night.. my oldest is in the bathroom and apparently that means it's party time because in a matter of seconds the other 2 were also in there. All I hear is Chloe (3 year old) say .. "Do you want me to wipe you? Cause I'm a good wiper" I had to pull the plug on the party after picking myself up off the floor.

** The oldest has this thing is his head that his life if going to change in a big way once he hits the ripe old age of 6. He has informed me that when he is 6 he gets to have a Nintendo DS and also watch rated R movies. Yeah OK.. think what you want kid.. and also he wants a pirate earring when he turns 6. There is no ear piercing for the gentleman until he is 18. My rule.

** A neighbor stopped by last night to deliver some Amish Friendship Bread she made. :) Thanks Nee' ! She asked Chloe if she is ready for the Easter Bunny. Chloe responds.. "The Easter bunny isn't bringing me anything because I didn't sit on his lap." Does that let me off the hook ?? I mean Alexa sat so she will get a basket but should I be the terrible horrible mean Mom and not give the other two theirs ?? LOL... I suppose not.. but maybe I'll hide them and leave a note that because they didn't sit they had to find them ?? hmmm...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Boy.. I'm worthless these days

I was coming here to whine and moan about how crappy a mom I am. Then I stopped over a t a friend's blog and saw that she also is feeling less than stellar in the Mom dept. these days. Must be contagious.

I used to pride myself on how organized and put together I was. Everything done on time. House clean (if not uncluttered) and ahead of the game with upcoming events. Between work, the housework, the 3 kids, and the extra-curricular commitments I don't feel as though I have time to breathe let alone get it all done. I make myself lists constantly just so I won't forget the simple things. Even that's not working. I feel so .. what's the word?? ... deficient? lacking? unqualified? who knows.. all of the above ??

To feel like I've gotten something accomplished and no pressure would be lovely but I don't see that coming anytime soon. Relax ?? Yeah not gonna happen. I sit down for the 1st and fold laundry at 9 every night.. my body has gotten to the point where it doesn't know HOW to relax.

I have a girl's night out planned.. the kids will be in bed before I leave but damn if I don't already feel guilty about going out and doing something for myself. . in 2 weeks. .. for maybe 3 hours..

what has become of me ?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Tomorrow you will be 1 year old. time flies. It seems only yesterday I was finding out I was pregnant.. a surprise I might add.. BIG surprise. :) Who'da thunk it?? It was a relatively uneventful pregnancy up until the end. The delivery was quick and painless. I can actually say I enjoyed your birth. Dr. Murphy says.. here's the spinal .. and shortly thereafter "It's a girl!!". A new pretty baby with dark hair and chubby cheeks. :) 8 pounds and 9 ounces born at 11:11 am. Such a joyful day! I got to take a peak and give you a few kisses before you were wisked away and I was cleaned up. A little while later I had you in my arms all snuggly like a little burrito baby. :) You waited about 8 hours before eating.. I had never experienced that. I got a bit worried but everyone assured me you'd eat when you wanted. I hope it wasn't foreshadwoing of future meal arguments like those we have with your sister these days. I sent you to the nursery around 10 and you were back with me by 11 and stayed the night. I enjoyed the evening hours just snuggling with you in the hospital bed all by our lonesome because I knew it would be awhile before we'd get quiet snuggly time again. You are a happy baby (as long as there are no teeth cutting) and everyone loves your sweet disposition. You are a little love and I could kiss your face all day long and listen to your belly laughs every second of every day. I love you my sweet baby. And I pray that you get as much joy and love in your life as you have already given me in 1 short year. Happy Birthday Baby Alexa Paige.. Mommy and Daddy love you very much.