Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dining with The President

Today had some ups and downs. We woke up and went to breakfast at the diner in celebration of Daddy's birthday tomorrow. The service sucked and the prices have skyrocketed since the oroginal owners sold out. Anywhoo.. the food was decent. So we rush home to get ready for Miss Moo' s 1 year pics. OH back up.. she banged her forehead on my dresser 10 minutes after she woke up so I was hoping that the red mark went away. It's black and blue now. It didn't show up in the pictures which is fine. But the pictures themselves left a lot to be desired. No smiles from "Little Miss Stranger Danger". We managed a few decent ones and after refraining from selling my older 2 to a passerby we got out of the mall with some picstures and one of Alexa with the Bunny.. the other 2 wouldn't sit so he ain't leaving them a basket this year. So anyway we go home for a bit and get a nap in Alexa before heading out to dinner at Red Lobster. We only go there once a year because I don't do seafood. But the hubby loves it so I succumb to the pressure and take him for his birthday or father's day . The entire drive there I am threatening the older 2 with bodily harm if they behave as they did at the mall. We sit. I look at the children's menu and ask Aedan if he wants crab legs. He enjoys eating crabs with my Dad so why not give it a try at dinner. So I order the chicken caesar salad, Jim gets some trio and Aedan gets the snow crab legs. We wait. I shove cheddar bay biscuits into Alexa to keep her content.. Aeddan looks over at a table of patrons and says "hey Mom.. look the president is here. " I turn and no Barack Obama is not at the Pottstown Red Lobster. So I assure Aedan that it is not the president and stop staring. Food comes.. I help Aedan with breaking open his crab legs and he eats every little piece of meat possible out of those legs that he can. I was so happy that he enjoyed his meal. Everyone did. Even Chloe with her 2 french fries enjoyed that and the coloring pages. For once.. in a long time we had no drama and no yelling. The President's table was a loud one so I wasn't sweating that we'd be too loud for everyone.. I didn't even break a sweat.. it was a wonderful dinner out to celebrate Daddy's birthday! :) Now onto Miss Alexa's 1st Birthday party bonanza next Saturday.. should be fun.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Yeah I have tattoos.

What's it to ya ?? To look at me would you consider that I have tattoos ? I have to admit. I love them. I've curbed the addiction moreso than my husband in recent years. I have chosen to spend my extra cash on fancy clothes for the kids. I have 5 tattoos currently. With a large one in the works for the future. I am going tomorrow to make an appointment for as soon as possible to get the girls' initials added to one I already have with Jim, Aedan's and my initials. But the one I'm working on will be quite large so it may take 2 sittings. And I have yet to figure out where to put it.. I attempt to keep them slightly hidden in regular clothes. And our guy is so good he gets booked up months in advance. Anyway.. I haven't had a new one since 2004. So I'm jonesin' for some fresh ink. :) So we are off tomorrow to set up an appointment. :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's Party Time

Well not quite yet but the plans are well underway. We go all out for the 1st birthday. Not sure exactly why but hey.. it's a tradition so that's the way it is. :) It's an afternoon Saturday party and we'll have snacks, dinner, cake & dessert. A face painter, pinata & alcohol. What more could you ask for at a party? Oh.. a bonus.. the clubhouse (behind my house) that we rent has an outside playground so all the kids are out there for 90% of the the party. Which keeps the inside from being too overcrowded and loud.

I had a hard time trying to figure out what to get miss Alexa for her 1st birthday. We have all the cool things a 1 year old would like thanks to the older kids. So I decided on a smaller toy and a nice pair of earrings since she was pierced a few months back. But the party is a major gift since there will be close to 80 people there.

I still have to order some of the food.. do some more shopping and a couple more errands.. The majority of the running happens that day.. balloons cake, rolls etc to pick up..

We have her 1 year pictures this weekend along with Daddy's Birthday celebration. So I won't be able to run too much.

And once her party is over I have a bunch of Easter Bunny running still to do. I'm usually very good with this and done everything a couple weeks in advance.. but this year I'm behind. I've come to the realization that I am behind on EVERYTHING lately. I suppose that comes with 3 kids, a full time job and a house to run but that's no excuse.. I need to catch up so I can remain organized. I need organization to stay sane.

Note to self: Pull out party folder, tax folder and easter list out to go over things and update all the info.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Easter and it's trappings

yes.. I suppose when you have children EVERY holiday can eventually involve gifts. But Easter ??
I recall as a child *maybe* getting a pair of earrings in my basket as I got older. But other than that.. chilled, hard boiled & dyed eggs and enormous amounts of candy. It was special candy too. Like large hollow Chocolate eggs with my name scripted in icing on top and filled with jelly beans. Aaaah the good old days. But I digress. Nowadays Easter ranks up their with Christmas and Birthdays in my house. Gifts and candy galore. I will have to tally up all that is spent this year at Easter. Between the clothing, baskets, gifts and candy.. Heck the clothing alone is already over $200. *gulp* And I have yet to get shoes for all 3 children. This year the 2 older children will recive Circus Tickets from the Easter Bunny in their baskets. This is in addition to whichever DVD has just been released, toothbrushes, little toys that will eventually get chucked like the happy meal crap, candy out the wazoo, bathing suits, sunglasses and flips or crocs. Yikes.. I'm scaring myself.

when did the easter basket go from suagry goodness to the national debt ??

As if that's not bad enough ?? They get something from all the grandparents and also from some aunts and uncles. This is all topped off by the easter egg hunt that brings with it more candy and money.

I just look forawrd to the egg whites and the brunch .. hahaha..

ooh and my Dad's homemade saurkraut perogies. Which reminds me that I have to remind him that I want to attempt some on my own this year.. my share of the dozens that are made is piddly and I need more, especially since they only come along once a year... as long as he is willing to part with my Grandfather's recipe. :) Heck... maybe I should go directly to the source and get it from Poppop instead. Now there's an idea.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Keeping up with History

Well at least my childrens' histories.. I've slacked off a bit with Alexa's baby book. I kept Aedan's out in the open for the 1st year so I could update it often. Chloe's was kept somewhere close to update every so often. Alexa's... I haven't updated probably since I came back to work. *bag over head* I have so much to update with regards to milestones and pictures.

I love pulling out all their photo albums throughout the year just to enjoy the baby faces and remind myself of when they were little babies. They look so different from year to year.. and truthfully they each have their own personality and looks. Every once in a while you'll glance their way and it will remind you of a grandmother or brother etc. But for the most part they don't resemble anyone totally.

I have trouble closing Aedan and Chloe's baby books up because of everything shoved in there.. keepsakes, balloons from the hospital and 1st b-day, cards from various holidays etc.

With Alexa's 1st birthday fast approaching I am reminded to keep her history alive as well. So I will pull out her keepsake box and update her baby book tonight with fancy colors and stickers and pictures so she knows that she was not the forgotten 3rd child. :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

V Day

Today is the day. The end of an era. And yet the start of something nice. No more birth control. Yippee.. no need to get all hormonal every month or gain extra pounds. Now it's not like I've been on it forever.. I took it in my early 20's and once we started trying to get pregnant I stopped taking them. I hadn't taken them again til this past October.. that was 8 years of nothing but Jim taking care of things. After I got pregnant with Aedan I didn't get back on them simply because we couldn't get pregnant if we tried, so why worry. Anyway. It was nice not having to worry about all that. And so it shall be again in about 6 months when we are sure it *took* .

As nice as it will is still bittersweet as I look at a picture of Alexa in the hospital and how I would love (with my heart) to have another even though my head says no way. :)

Now I have to listen all weekend to my husband moan and groan about pain etc. even though I literally cannot remember a single time after 3 c-sections ever moaning about pain even when my incision burst. I'm thinking I should have saved myself the trouble and had the tubes tied while they were in there pulling out the last babe.. ugh..

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Her little ears

OK.. my son at the ripe old age of 5 1/2 has yet to take an antibiotic. EVER. The middle child has had a couple. One for an ear infection and one for pneumonia. This 3rd child is a Dr.'s dream.
She is 11 months old and has had 4 ear infections and the last 3 since just after Christmas. This is very disheartening. :( She has had a stronger/different antibiotic for the last 3 also. We go on Monday for an follow up each check. Her Dr. said at the time of the 3rd infection that if she keeps getting them we will have to see a ENT Dr. So I'm sure I will be getting the referral on Monday. I'm a little freaked out knowing my tiny baby will have to be put under. So I'm hoping the infection has cleared up after this last round and that she doesn't get anymore. Simply so we can avoid the tube surgery.

Stupidity and Selfishness affects everyone

Seriously.. how stupid can one person be? It's to the point where the level of incompetence is affecting others. It's amazing some people can hold a job.. hell it's surprising that they actually make it to work everyday.

But the topper is this. The economy is hitting everyone hard. We were busy because everyone is scrambling to pick up work. We have since slowed down a bit. Here is the selfish part. In order to keep busy and not have to do the grunt work certain people like to grab up all the work and *hide* it on their desk all day so that they are busy without having to pick up and help with the *busy* grunt work. That really chaps my khakis.. So I have decided to be the opposite and let her do all the work. Even the crap that she deems less worthy of her attention and leaves for us minions.. I will leave alone and simple file to keep busy. She wants it she can have it.

Petty you say?? Truthfully.. I really don't give a damn.. some days I live to be petty

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dust bunnies be damned

Where in god's name does it come from ? I swear I dust and yet the next day in a certain light it's an inch thick again.. WTF ?!? I totally and utterly dislike dusting with all the fiber of my being. If I could hire a cleaning lady and only pay her to dust I would. Otherwise I'd be cleaning the whole house before she got there just so she could come in and not think I'm a slob. There is no way anyone will be coming to my house (planned) and find it in shambles. NEVER.
I need something to hook up to our vents to suck all the dust out on it's own every other day. I would be such a happy woman. I am not kidding when I say there are dust/hair tumbleweeds on ny bathroom floor the day after I get done a thorough cleaning.. that room needs a swiffer every day.. yuck!

I am a stickler for a clean house. But since #3 showed up last year the cleaning schedule has gotten rearranged. I just have no time anymore. Except on Saturday mornings. And boy do I feel like a slacker Mom if I'm keeping the kids in on a Saturday morning on a beautiful day just to clean. I used to be able to crank the whole house out in about 4 hours. That is a good cleaning.. floors, bathrooms, EVERYTHING. Now.. I can get it all done but it takes a total of about 6 hours.. with breaks here and there to change diapers, feed and clothe the kiddies.

Jim is always offering to have a cleaning lady come in.. but I refuse. I would feel as though I had to clean before she came just so that I wouldn't look like a total slacker slob. So that would defeat the whole purpose. Ugh..

Some day I'm going to have a breakdown and I'll be one of those people that never cleans and there are piles of unopened mail everywhere.. hahaha.. but the bottles would be washed and the dishes done because Jim does that. :)