Saturday, February 27, 2010

Calgon.... just kill me.

Don't take me away. Because then I'd have to come back. These kids are driving me to drink.. so on that note I'll be headed to Wegman's today to get the ingredients for the Dirty Hoe. I need a nice pint to savor in peace at home once the kids have gone to bed. It's got my name all over it :)

The kids are bored. I get it. Mommy is busy trying to make this house clean if not presentable yet again. So could you please just sit and do something quiet ? No. You need to run screaming thru the house sounding like a herd of elephants fighting over a dumb balloon.(which cause me to snap mentally and take the balloon and pop it) As I scream at you to be quiet because you might wake the baby.

I am waiting patiently for the days on which we can spend our hours outside socializing with the neighbors and having a few brews while the kids run themselves ragged. Until it is definitely too dark to be hanging because we can no longer see the kids. But Spring seems way off at this point.

So for now I will have to enjoy a beverage and issue timeouts.

Monday, February 22, 2010

"If I only had a Brain"

yeah.. I do. That's the problem. My Brain hurts. I've been seeing way too much of my Dr. lately. I despise forking over the co-pays so I need to be in some serious pain to even schedule an appt.

I go last week because I'm dealing with pain in both ears. In addition I had a splitting headache that 3 motrin only dulled. So I mentioned that to her also. I have fluid in both ears and an infection in the right. OK.. gimme some antibiotics. She asks me questions about my headaches. Yes....I have had them for a while now. No... pain intensity differs from day to day. Oh and I also have random aches and pains that make me feel really old.

So now I have to get some serious testing done.. a long sheet for blood work is the 1st thing to test for myalgias and rheumatoid issues among other stuff. And also a CT scan of my brain to make sure I don't have some sort of aneurysm or tumor or something in there. Loads of fun huh ??

To add insult to injury I can't even go to the radiology center around the corner in the evening some time. I need to go to the hospital between 8 and 3:30 because I have asthma and difficulties with iv's on occasion. I have to take some Steroid kit before the CT scan so I don't have some sort of reaction and die.


And I have to go alone. Even better.

Just do the labotomy and be done with it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm only blogging to save the people that haven't watched from having the show ruined. No need to spoil it for everyone..

I just finished watching Survivor Heroes vs. Villains. What the freak happened there? I mean really the Villains can works together and the Heroes cannot ?? There is something seriously wrong there. The Heroes need to check their egos.

With that said.. I cannot understand why no one said "let's get rid of James because he's an ass". He was rude and condescending.. and the previews for next week aren't showing him in a better light at all.. He may just be on the wrong team.

I am loving this season.. lots of drama and the Villains really are nasty. I need it at least twice a week. :)


OK.. now that I have some time. Stefanie is a whiner. But I'm not so sure she should have been the one to go at this point.. they need to be a TEAM and work together.. unfortunately.. they won' their egos are keeping that from happening. They are thinking too far down the road when they need to be thinking of winning the group challenges otherwise they won't be around to work their magic near the end.

As mush as I like alot of the Heroes and despise some of the villains I'd like to see Rob win.. He works his ass off and everyone else um... doesn't. Not Sure where Jeri is in this season.. except for showing up looking cute with the hat and red scarf. Courtney (the blonde) can go anytime.. I never liked that one..

I am wondering how Cirie made it to the Heroes side;.. truthfully.. I'd have put her on the other side.. LOL. but hey that's me.. I wouldn't be surprised if she made it pretty darn far.. everyone seems oblivious to her..

Seeing Russell and Rob get to the end and be up against Colby and J.T would be GREAT.. I want Amanda's ass handed to her as early as possible also.. I just don't like her and never have.. maybe she's too sweet for me.. either way, take her out

I'm coming to the realization that I may be on Team Villain when I thought I was rooting for the Heroes.. I suppose we can only wait and see how the cookie crumbles.. Tune in next Thursday ...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh what to do.

I've gotten the kids' Easter clothing in. Chloe is very excited to try her dress on and twirl. But wait.. is the zipper broken ? No. It's not going up so easily. Oh No. It's tight. I get it zipped and right around the middle it's a bit snug. I bought her a size 5 because let's face it.. she's no skinny minnie. Which is fine. She is 4 years old. But gosh darn it. A size 5 should not be tight. So now I start to worry about body image and childhood obesity. My mind is racing. What to do.. what to do .. I already have gymnastics class in the works but will that be enough to get her a bit healthier ? She is such a picky eater. Won't touch a single fruit or vegetable. Certain forms of the potato and tomato sauce are the extent of her veggie intake. So we just got her the V8 Fusion to get at least some into her system. I don't want to put her on a diet. Like I said she's 4. And I don't want her thinking she has to be skinny to be happy because that's not true either. She is active enough but her metabolism is ALOT slower than Aedan's which pretty much burns the food he eats as soon as it touches his lips.

I guess all I need to say is I'm worried. I don;t want her to have to deal with weight especially at such a young age. Someone needs to slap me and tell me she;s 4 she's allowed to be a little chubbier.. it's baby fat. I know this.. but the husband keeps pointing out the belly and giving me the concerned looks. Maybe I should just pop him and tell him I will worry when it's necessary. Or else I'll just take her on my 2 mile walks with the dog until it's nice enough on a regular basis to be outside an active again.. ugh... Spring can't come soon enough.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I've spawned an evil genius

Parent-Teacher conference. First thing is first. She hands me a lego star wars little person and tells me she had to take it from him that day. Wait.. that's not his. OK.. I remember him telling me when we got home earlier that his friend left it at Daycare so he took it to school to give it to him. He neglected to inform me that this kid is in like 4th grade and there was no way in hell he'd see him to give it to him at school. He was taking it out of his tote alot and didn't listen the 3 times she asked him to stop. Strike 1.

Then we start on the report card. I was worried with all the WP's but from what she said all those are because they just started learning that stuff and that is what they expect to see. Great. So he's not a slacker. She also says that there are a bunch of things that Aedan has PR's (Proficient) for that puts him ahead of everyone else. They expect the kids to have all PR's at the end of the year. She said "Aedan is extremely intelligent and when he is working he is very accurate and attentive". Also "he has some much potential beyond what he is doing now". So where's the catch you ask ?

His behavior. He is obsessed with fighting and blood and swords and ninjas. Now.. this is news to me because he does not discuss this or draw anything like this at home. Her opinion is that he is intent on getting attention from the other kids and he doesn't care if it's negative. Some of the kids don't play with him because he scares them. She flat out said he is not physically violent or intimidating. He thinks big kids are super cool and wants to be a big kid so bad he tries acting like one to be cool in the eyes of the kids his age. Unfortunately that has brought lying into the equation. He told his friends that he got an Xbox 360 and the game Halo. We couldn't figure out where he heard about Halo. (I'll get back to that) I informed her that we do not in fact have an Xbox or allow him to play such games or watch rated R movies. She figured that was the case but was concerned anyway.

He has most of his issues in circle time. WHen he has work to do at his seat he is fine and concentrates. Once Circle time hits and they are on the floor he starts goofing off.. So I'm considering a stress ball for him to hold while they are in circle time to keep his mind occupied on that and her.. so he doesn't stray. We'll see how that goes.

We have decided to go another route to try and curb this behavior. She will be sending notes home to me every day telling me if it was a good day or a bad day. He will help her decide what the note says before he leaves.

Oh and I found out the next day that a kid (also a Kindergartener) has a Lego Halo fighter jet thingy in his cubby.. Nice. Now I know where the Halo obsession came from. I informed Aedan that only people that are 18 and older can have Halo stuff. Because it is not for kids at all.

lordie.. what's next ??

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's Report Card time.. I'm nauseous

It's not even my report card. I just printed Aedan's 1st ever Report Card. Kindergarten. It's really good considering it's only the 1st 1/2 of the 1st year of schooling. He's got alot to learn. My expectations are way too high I'm sure because I expected it to be perfect. I'm delusional. Multiple sets of rose colored glasses in the nightstand.

Of course he's going to have issues. Being my son alone qualifies him for Psychotherapy in a few years. The readin', writin' and 'rithmetic grades are what I expected.. pretty darn good. It's the "Quality of Learning" section that worries me. The subcategory of "Respectful Citizen" to be exact. One comment that made me cringe was "distracts others". I don't care if he's being a goof (to a certain degree, I pretty much expect it) but if he's doing it and causing the other kids to miss out on learning then there is a problem. You either get an S for Satisfactory or an N for Needs Improvement .. he's more on the N side than the S side when it comes to respecting others and their things, self control and being courteous and considerate. Super. I fast forward to the H.S. years in my mind and see him playing craps in the halls and bullying lunch money out of the other kids. Oh wait.. that was the hubby. Even better.. it's in his genes. Can I get a re-do ?

So tonight we will go over this report card and see where we can improve things. Now I'm nervous about the Parent-Teacher conference on Monday. I suppose it's simply because I don't want to hear bad stuff about my kid. Not sure anyone wants that.