Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Passion for Purple

The boy has a sudden love of all things purple.  He's gotten a few t-shirts that are purple to mix up his spring and summer wardrobe and that's fine with me. I have no problem with him wanting to express himself with color. It's not like they are girl shirts he's trying to wear. So when his basketball sneakers grew a big ol' hole in the toe I was dreading the ultimate choice that would be made to replace them. I was trying to sway him with other options.  I was not too keen on the options out there when it came to purple sneakers for boys. I'd point out black and red like his old ones.  Black and gray ones or plain black. Even gray ones with blue soles and orange laces. No dice. He wanted purple. he saw the above shoes at Foot Locker one night and fell in love. The Man and I were not impressed and told him not to settle and that there were plenty of other shoe stores to find shoes hoping he'd find something totally different.  We searched and searched for acceptable replacements. Every shoe store and online store available. Anything he'd pick out was not available in his size. So after a week we ended up back at Foot Locker and bought these gems. After seeing some of the plastic, shiny looking shoes out there I actually like these ones and I'm pretty glad some of his other choices were out of stock. 

Purple. Oh well.. it could be worse and he could have wanted orange.