Monday, April 4, 2011

Mastermind or Evil Genius..

The boy's mind works in a way that I just can't grasp. Especially with games.

I want someone to teach him chess because I think he'd LOVE it.. I have no clue how to play so I'm useless.

I picked up a travel size Connect Four for him for Christmas. It was a more of a  "make sure the piles are equal" kind of gift. Well, that was a mistake. He wants to play anyone and everyone almost every day. And it's an off day if he loses 1 out of 5 games.

His mind can figure out how to set it up so he has 2 ways to win and you simply cannot beat him. He is 3 steps ahead with every play.  He has beaten us in 5 moves.. that's how good he is or maybe how bad we are. It's gotten to be a real competition for the adults here. My Mother plays him for money.  I play and sit there staring at the board before I make my *last* move.. It's insanity. Then when I lose I insist we play again, which is exactly what he wants to hear. He laughs his maniacal little laugh and says.. "I win.. again."

He plays this way with Blockus as well. I enjoy Blockus because at least with that I have a chance of winning on occasion. A very rare occasion.

He's like Rainman. I think I need to take him to Vegas in a couple years.

Note to self: find someone who knows how to play chess, get a chess board and have him learn.

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