Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Times They Are a Changin'

They are really growing up. No longer babies at all. No more diapers. Alexa is FINALLY fully potty trained and doing wonderfully. Only accidents when she gets playing with friends and forgets to go.. which isn't to often. She is thriving at Pre-School. No more tears at drop-off is such a blessing it makes my day so much easier. She thinks she is 13 years old and that can be a challenge most days but we get through them with little damage. She's growing up too fast and I find myself looking at photos wishing for my baby back so I could cuddle and rock her at night.

Chloe is doing fantastic in Kindergarten. In the words of Mrs. Garro "She is a joy to have in class, a wonderful student." She is excelling past the expectations of her teacher and even helping her classmates when they have questions in group activities. This of course makes me puff up with pride. My only concern was her emotional meltdowns. The ones she loves to share with me.  Well apparently she saves them for only me. Like I said.. "a wonderful student" . No worries there. Still want that baby back.

Aedan is growing so fast I think he is growing an inch every couple weeks. Constantly eating and I think the food burns off as it goes down his throat because it surely isn't being stored anywhere on him. He is also excelling in school. I wasn't worried about academics. He was reading at a 4th grade level in 1st grade not sure about the level this year as he hasn't been tested yet. Teacher's only concern is his humor. He is the clown, as usual. The other kids are drawn to him and he eats it up. Which isn't always good. But he isn't bullying and he isn't disrupting class so I can't really complain.  Missing the baby.

They may be more independent and easier to handle but I'd give anything to have the babies back because that is the time I love the best.