Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vacation.. what's the payoff?

We leave for vacation soon and I've begun the endless lists of things that need to be done to prepare for our departure. I find getting ready to leave for a week is super stressful. The Man says I stress too much. Well I think he doesn't stress enough.

his jobs:  pack his clothing
               put everything into the car

I have to do everything else from packing everyone else's clothing to cleaning the house to stopping mail and getting someone to care for the animals. In addition to making sure all bills that may be due that week or right after are paid up etc.  Stressful you say ?? Of course it is. By the time we are ready to leave I want to clean his clock.  Simply because he is overjoyed and relaxed and I'm exhausted.  Then vacation starts and all he wants to do is go, go, go. I prefer to sit and relax.  WTF. We are polar opposites when it comes to vacation personalities. It's almost like I need to bring a friend for him and the kids so I don't need to entertain them all.

The days away from work, time spent at the beach with my camera & the kids and just quiet time with a book are what I look forward to on vacation. My kids spending time with their grandparents for a week and having fun is alwyas a good thing as well.

But while I pack and get ready I wonder if it's worth all the hassle and stress.