Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Stick your Spirit

You know. I have a job. One that pays me to show up. One that keeps me from my children and my home for approximately 50 hours a week.  It pays very well and I kept it because I knew in  the long run it would benefit the whole family. So when I am not at that job I like to be with my family and /or do the things that I can't do while I'm working. Like clean the house. Run the kids to their activities and generally just run run run. There is literally no rest for the weary these days. Three kids can really run you ragged.

So when I posed a simple question about how to obtain some new spirit sticks for my daughters (to maybe give them for Christmas) I was really excited to get back a nice response telling me to volunteer at school in order to get a heads up on all the new ones coming out. Yeah that's sarcasm. 
 Yeah Sure. Let me use yet another non-existant vacation day to come into school to work the school store to get a heads up on the spirit stick inventory. Jesus H. Christ.  I do my best to volunteer my time & money to the school when both allow. And it usually calls for me taking time away from my job. That's fine because the kids enjoy me being there. I would do it more if I did not work outside the home.  I don't need someone telling me to volunteer. Isn't that the opposite of the definition of the word ?

I received an email a few weeks ago from H&SL with a sign up genie for lunches and a dinner during conferences for the teachers. Parents were expected to sign up to send in lunch and dinner supplies for the teacher. Pounds of cold cuts, different kinds of breads, salads, desserts, drinks, ice. For a few days and each meal was different. Drop off was only during school hours so us working shlubs had to make other arrangements IF we wanted to donate. WHICH I did. I was dropping off bags of ice on a Sunday night to someone's house. Simply so the teacher's could have a cold drink.  I suppose they couldn't concentrate on the conferences AND pack meals from home during those 3 days of conferences.  Either that or H & SL isn't selling enough Spirit Sticks to pay for the meals themselves.

Maybe they should send out the order sheet like I asked... then they'd have more $$$ coming in.  They'd have gotten at least $10 from me.

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