Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Christmas Lists

And no I don't mean the kid's lists for good ol' Saint Nick.. I mean MY lists of who I need to shop for with ideas of what to buy, the lists of what has been bought, the lists of what needs to be done today, this week, before Thanksgiving and before Christmas. I am a list maker. I like my lists.. I like them neat and tidy and all paper clipped together in my Christmas folder along with catalogs, envelope with receipts (with the names of people who's gift is on the receipt) and cut outs with pictures of ideas etc. . I make at least 2 lists a day. Sometimes I write a list and then rewrite it to make it more concise and neat. The Vacation list can get complicated but it is no where near as complicated as the Christmas list. There could literally be a sub-list from the main list. Now that is called covering the bases. The only down side is when I have no ideas as far as a gift for someone. And that happens every year.. and it's usually our parents.. all 6 of them. So next to their names goes "G.C." and a long blank space. All we hear is "save your money" , "we don't need anything" and yet when we say it we are told to shut-up and what do we want? So the list is unfinished and incomplete.
I like the list of what has been bought. Where I can cross someone's name out (still being able to read it) and say *done*. Now that is a nice neat list. I am 1/2 way there.. I still have a bunch of shopping to do but the list is detailed and I have an idea for just about everyone on it. So now all I need to do is get out and get shopping to finish and call the list complete. :)

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Christy said...

OMG, lists. I love lists. Reading your post was like reading porn. It was Letters to Penthouse for the Obsessively Organized. I need a cigarette and I don't even smoke.

I feel you on the problem buying for parents. I get Tom's dad a t-shirt and flannel, his mom a sweater and candle every year. Every DAMN YEAR. If I was president, I'd pass a law that adults don't get presents. Anything I want is too expensive to ask for and I don't need more crap that I don't want. Especially with the economy the way it is, I wish we could all spend on the kids and save the rest for a rainy day.