Tuesday, November 25, 2008

They are all Specials

This is how we refer to the ornaments we hang on our Christmas tree. 95% of them are called "specials". Meaning they have a special meaning to us. Not just some random package of balls or other multi-pack ornament. The specials go on the parts of the tree that can be seen.. the multi-pack ornaments go around back cause I don't care if I see them.. and the balls go in the center under the branches as filler. That is Jim's job.. I could seriously chuck every ball in the box. (And we have a good 7 dozen) But he insists they help hide flaws and to reflect the lights inside. Whatever. As long as you're the one hanging them.

My specials are the ones we handle with care. The ones that get re-wrapped in tissue after every season. They are spread out on the dining room table so as not to get stepped on in the decorating process.

They each hold a special memory for each of us. Whether it be the "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments that we have for each of the children. The special little angel we bought after we lost Baby #1. Or the "Our First Christmas Together" from 1998. Even the super silly ones like my hot dog with a face and arms and legs, or the Magic Pickle, or Jim's Howdy Doody ornament. They all bring a smile or a sweet memory or even a somewhat sad memory. But that's why they are special. They invoke thought. I love the ones the kids made also. Those get a spot right out in front so I can look at them and fill up with pride thinking of all their hard work.

We have an 8 foot tree and are usually looking for places for ornaments by the time we are almost done. We have so many special ornaments now that they fill the tree. But gosh it's beautiful when it's done.

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