Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Belated Birthday Wishes

OK I suck. Apparently the old adage about the 3rd child being the forgotten one may be true. At least in my case it's not on purpose and rarely happens. I rarely have time to sit and compose this blog while at home so I missed my baby's 2nd birthday post.
A thousand apologies to her. I would say that she probably doesn't mind but from what I'm seeing of the terrible two's it's probably a big deal. The loud and assertive "No!" is proof. The screaming, crying, throw myself on the floor tantrums over a simple piece of candy can make a weathered child care giver run in the other direction.

But then there are those days when she is just her sunny funny bunny self. And you just have to smile when you look at her face and all those tiny little freckles beginning on the bridge of her itty bitty nose. They are probably there as a result of my lax sun-blocking skills but hey they are cute nonetheless. She giggles and puts her hand in front of her mouth when she farts and laughs that belly laugh when she and Chloe are playing. She has a personality all her own and yet I can see bits and pieces of others in there. To say Alexa is stubborn is an understatement, she can be downright bullheaded. I suppose she gets that from me so in that case it's a great personality trait.

I hope she continues to be her own sassy little self and grows up to be the independent young woman I know she can be. No matter how old she gets she'll always be my littlest baby.. So Happy 2nd Birthday Wexa .. Mommy loves you very much.


Sharon said...

How sweet! Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby girl!

WFMZ said...


We might be interested in doing a story with you - we're doing a story on folks that use blogs to keep family updated. Could you give me a call at 610-372-6969?

My name is Fred Tamarri and I'm the Assignment Editor at WFMZ Berks Edition.