Sunday, October 3, 2010

Feeling a little nostalgic

We had our community yard sale yesterday and I took the opportunity to rid my home of all the toys and junk that clutters it on a daily basis just being moved from one spot to the next with now real home. I was happy to clear ou the corners and give someone else something to enjoy because we simply don't have the room. The kids get so much at birthday and Christmas and other holidays that we seem to overflow. And they just can't play with it all. So I tagged a lot of it and put in n the driveway with the hopes of making some dough.

I sold a lot of the toys. Heck I sold alot before I even had most of it outside and set up. Some people just don't get the whole time frame on the sign thing. While gathering sale items I threw out a bunch of things also. Broken things, games without pieces etc.

There is one big thing that did not sell.. the nursery set. I felt a little sad putting it out in the first place but it is in such good condition that I felt it would be nice if someone could use it. I just don't know anyone personally that can use it so my option was to sell it. The only thing missing was the crib bumpers because they ripped and were faded from washing over 7 years. I kept looking at it sitting there on the table.. the lamp, the quilt, the wall hangings and book ends. The picture frame and pillow all part of my babies' room for the 1st few years of their lives. I kept getting compliments on how nice it looks and what great condition it was in. Well yes. I got most of it as gifts for my baby shower so I try to take good care of my things. I had already given the cradles bedding that matched to my sister for her baby on the way so that wasn't in the pile. I'm just a little disappointed that no one wanted it because it just reminds me of when my babies were tiny babies and I am so happy when I have itty bitty babies.

Anyway.. I am now trying to figure what to do with it all. The local Goodwill store wouldn't take it so now I guess I'll look into consignment even though I really couldn't be bothered with that. I'd rather find someone that needs it to give it to. Oh well.

I have two boxes of toys to drop off at Day Care that didn't sell also. They always like when I show up. They've missed my girls so I can give them an update on how they are doing and visit with the teachers as well.

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