Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Birthday Boy

About ten years ago Jim and I decided we'd like to to have kids and began the long, fun, exciting and sometimes extremely heartbreaking journey that ended with a screaming baby boy named Aedan. On this day 7 years ago my life was changed forever more. I was finally a Mother. I couldn't contain my joy it flowed out of me in my tears of joy first when the Dr told me I was pregnant and then again when she told me "it's a boy!". I would never be the same from that moment on, and I couldn't have been happier. I'd sit there in the hospital bed with him all by ourselves and snuggle with him and think "He's all mine". I still do on some days when he looks at me with that certain goofy grin or surprises me with some interesting fact that I figured he could never have known.

He's my first born. My only son. My Aedan. Happy 7th Birthday to my Monkka Monkey, my Boog. I hope you continue to explore and crave more knowledge. Stay funny and silly and always look for the fun stuff.

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Sharon said...

What a handsome boy!