Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The New Me.

I haven't been this in shape since before I had Aedan. And even then I had gained weight from all the fertility meds and stress I was dealing with. After 6 months of weight loss, watching how much food I'm putting in my body, and walking and/ or running a bit, I have surpassed my weight loss goal and am only 3.5 pounds away from my bonus goal. I don't diet. So don't get me wrong. I am certainly not starving myself. I still snack at 10 pm if I want. I eat what I want.. I just don't do it alot. :)

If this sounds like I am tooting my own horn then so be it. Toot toot. I haven't been in size 4 jeans since Chloe was about 1. I can finally get all my super cute jeans back on my body and not worry about the button shooting off and taking someone's eye out in the process. The down side? Some of my other super cute stuff is a tad bit large. And that really stinks.

I feel great. I am thinner and smoke free. It's gonna be a great year.

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Sharon said...

Fantastic! Toot away!