Monday, June 6, 2011

O.M.G. .. I'm mortified.

Unfortunately I am referring to Usher's version..

Yeah.The boy heard this song in Jim's car on one of their outings. He managed to remember certain lyrics.  I also have this song on my iPod. My kids didn't listen to my shuffle at all. Aedan would walk around singing this song and I'd tell him to knock it off.  So then I get the iTouch. I load my music on there. They listen to my music often. This of course causes the boy to sing this song more often and then also play the song more often. As a result he has taught Alexa a certain line. I wasn't too concerned. She was singing it and it was kinda funny. Until the other day.

I went to go outside with the kids and I hear Alexa singing...then the neighbor says "oh you better not teach Joseph** that song" . I about flipped out. Yelled at her to come inside. Grabbed the other 2 and went on a tear.

She was singing the line... "honey's got some boobies like wow oh wow..." it figures that would be the easiest line to remember. *she types with a bag over her head*

So now.. it has been deleted from my iTouch and they have been warned that if I hear them singing it they will ALL get pepper in their mouths as a result. Alexa still sings it but not within earshot apparently and we haven't caught her yet. I just keep warning her. Oiy. I have those kids that the other Moms pull their own kids away from at the playground. Super.

** names have been changed to protect the innocent. :)

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Brandi said...


Avery's newest words thanks to the husband are "Dam*it" and "Oh Sh**" I'm mortified too.