Monday, July 11, 2011

4th Fanfare

The 4th of July in our house could equal Christmas in some other peoples' households. The days are counted down and the anticipation can be felt for weeks in advance. The Man and the Boy begin discussing fireworks and try to figure out when the tents will start setting up right after Memorial Day.

They travel from tent to tent to find the best fireworks for our front lawn extravaganza and then they take a drive out of state for the backyard bonanza.

They just cant' get enough...

The Man and the neighbor put on a show for all the kids to entertain them up until the Big fireworks show over at the golf course.

If you ask the kids which ones they like more they always say ours.

Well except Alexa and Molly.. they prefer to watch from indoors as the the noise freak them out..

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