Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trophies for Everyone.. Don't Do it.

I am of the school that only the top teams get the trophies.  I also think kids need to learn how to lose graciously. And not get in a snit simply because they didn't get a trophy. It makes them strive for more and work harder. You want a trophy.. work for it.

My reasons for this topic??  This past school year the boy was taking part in a  reading competition.  He was told at the end of the year that the student that read the most books/chapters would get an award.  At the end of the year Aedan had blown past the other students and had read the most.  We wondered what the award/reward would be when the contest was over.

Aedan came home on the day the awards were given out with the award for "best handwriting ".  Which I am very happy about because his handwriting is exceptional for a boy in the 1st grade.  But what he told me next is what bugs the hell outta me. "Mrs. Dolloff said I read the most books, but because she didn't have an award for Kaleigh she gave that award to her and best handwriting is a better award so she gave it to me." . WTF is that??  I know I shouldn't be petty but I can't help but think my son busted his ass EVERY day reading and his award was given to someone else because the teacher didn't feel like thinking up another for her... Why is it so wrong that he would get 2 awards?  He earned both.  If he didn't I wouldn't expect an award at all. Period. It would not have bothered me one iota if he came home without an award at all if he had not earned one. But don't give his friggin award to someone else just to be fair.

Everyone worries about feelings and being politically correct. Stop coddling the kids and start teaching them how to live with disappointment because when they get out in to the real world they aren't going to be rewarded  just to be fair.

P.S. and for chrissake, start using red pens for mistakes. it's not scary. you can see what you did wrong alot easier than with the green and purple..

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