Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What the Hell?

The 3 year old is in pre-school now. She has gotten better at using the potty as opposed to a diaper. But only when asked/coerced/forced. She really only goes for the teachers at school. And flat out refuses for me unless I physically sit her down and stay with her till she goes. This isn't really working for anyone.  She is stubborn and apparently its not her time.. blah blah.

For the past week or so she has had a fascination with tying shoes. She says she is doing it but truthfully all she would do is grab the laces, bunch them up, ball them together, hope they stayed and say "I did it !" . Yeah, not quite kid but A for effort.

So after all this "practice" I sit with her yesterday and quickly show her how to tie. Just once.

Tonight while doing homework with the boy I turn around as she yells "I did it" again.. I look at her sneakers and see that she in fact had tied both sneakers.  I about fell over. Said "holy cow Alexa you did it ! Way to go ! " and gave her a hi-five.

And then I sit there shaking my head thinking to myself.. she's some fricking genius MENSA member or something and she still doesn't use the damn toilet. What the hell is going on in my household ?

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jackie said...

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! She knows how to go on the potty, she is just like you & wont give in to anything b/c now it is a game to her. I would not even bother talking about the potty for a week or so 7 see what happens!

She will probably have lots of other "big" milestones before the potty! LOL She is a funny kid!