Friday, October 7, 2011

My Glass is Always Half Empty.

After getting a phone call with potentially very bad news I immediately went to the worst case scenario. I didn't think positive or say to myself "it's still early days, things will be fine". I went right to doom and gloom.

If the bad news were to affect someone else and not myself personally then I'd jump right on the positivity train. "Things will be fine. The tests aren't even back yet. He's healthy and not showing any signs of being sick so that's all good and in his favor. "  I can boost someone else up so high they can't see the ground but as soon as it's MY family I crumble. I break down and see the end. I run through everyone I know who has dealt with the same thing and how that turned out and compare.

Why can't I have a full glass ?  Just this once?  Two weeks of taking baby sips and praying that I don't see the bottom of the glass. 


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Hope that everything is ok.

As someone who just went through this & was myself riding this train, I was also the one trying to bolster the HOPE that we were given each day. To be honest I felt from the beginning that it wouldn't end the way we were all hoping/wanting it too. Not sure why my immediate reaction was heading for the result that we got, but I had a gut feeling.

Hoping that your outcome is more POSITIVE. Remember that you need to be hopeful.