Friday, April 13, 2012

The Same Old Tired Debate

In light of recent events involving Hilary Rosen and Ann Romney that wonderful debate pitting SAHM's against Moms that work outside of the home  has been brought into the spotlight again.  Talking heads like to stir the pot and get women going on social network sites like FB by posting threads asking opinions and most women can't leave it alone. And as much as women say that it's a woman's choice for her specific family later down the line you'll see someone throw in a comment like "SAHM's Don't get enough respect.. It's a full time job and it's 24/7, not 9-5."  Why won't women realize we are all Moms together and whether you work outside the home or not isn't the issue.. we all love our children and we all work our asses off to keep them happy and healthy, all while keeping a somewhat clean home.  All of which is done usually on little sleep. Being a Mom is a 24/7 job. Period. Some women do it from home all day some leave for a while to do other stuff and then come home and do it later into the night.. either way.. Same damn job. It's called MOM.

In my next life I want to come back as a man. Women spend so much energy tearing each other down and trying to feel superior. It's exhausting.  I don't think I'm better than another woman because I earn a paycheck and I certainly don't think someone else is better because she gets to spend all day with her kids.  It's a godamn choice for every family based on their own situation.. just like having a pet or a fucking minivan or taking a fricking Disney vacation every damn year. 

Choices. We all get them unless we are incarcerated and I don't look at parenthood as incarceration (most days). It was a choice I made, and a damn good one, that I live with  every day as I kiss them goodbye before school as I leave for work and then as I kiss them hello when I get home each night. MY choice. Take it or leave it but don't tell me it's wrong.

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Noskaferatu said...

and we women must tend to the intense guilt no matter what we choose... if we stood together in fidelitis maternis and saw the guilt eachother feels, saw the bags under every womans eyes, and felt the love in every moms heart - there wouldn't be an issue... it takes a village. WE are the village whether at home, at work earning, or both as the caretakers of other children - :)
wear your guilt with honor -- and continue ranting, QB... we are all in the MOM ship together... and the choice is our own what duty we assume on that ship. <3

i am a mom - and i approve of this message.