Thursday, August 29, 2013

Drawing a Line.. and it's still a bit blurry

I am once again forced to put my thoughts down in  blog form so as to get my complete thought out without starting some sort of debate on a public forum. The song Blurred lines has been out for a while now.. over a month at least. And yet now, after the whole Miley Cyrus/VMA/Robin Thicke debacle is it getting a bad name. Does no one hear the lyrics of these songs they listen to anymore ? It has a catchy beat so it's great. End of story.  I don't see why Blurred Lines should be any different than any other song on the hit list that is disparaging to women. I've heard offensive songs coming from men and women alike and have yet to hear so much backlash. Except in this instance someone acted like a total sleaze while dancing to the song with said song's singer. And now everyone cringes. I recall dreading Salt n' Pepa's "Push It" coming on the radio when I was driving with my father simply because I was embarrassed by the lyrics. But there was no back lash for that. And I  certainly never heard anyone boycotting Nine Inch Nails for their song "Closer" . That is pretty damn offensive. "Blow My Whistle" is another example. My son started singing that simply from hearing it on the radio and because of the catchy tune. I finally had to tell him to stop. He didn't know the underlying meaning but I did and it pretty much grossed me out hearing it come from my nine year old. And those are just to name a few. There are so many offensive songs out that we sing along to and until some idiot does something to draw attention they are simply a song on the radio.

So why all the fuss over Blurred Lines? It's a song like all the rest. The physical acts during the performance on the VMA's is what is offending people. But if Thicke's wife isn't bothered then why should anyone be bothered for her. It's her marriage.The VMA's were aired on cable. Not Nickelodeon.  There is a reason I don't let my kids watch MTV.  Adult content. It's not music videos anymore and the awards shows are no different.

After all this, my point is if you're going to be offended by the song then that's all fine and dandy but you should have been offended before you were bopping your head to it for a month. And not after some 20 year old who wants to be noticed humped a married man on stage while he sang it.

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