Friday, December 5, 2008

The Quest for the Best Christmas Card Photo

I start mulling over in my head right around February of every year what I can do to top the previous year's photo. With each subsequent pregnancy and birth the creativity has dwindled. Now it's just a matter of getting a decent picture. This year with the 3 kids I had it all planned out. I would make them costumes like the Blessed Family and sneak onto church grounds that housed a large nativity scene on the front lawn. I would pull out Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus and toss my kids in for a picture. It would be priceless and talked about by the recipients for years to follow. Piece of Cake right?? yeah.. that's a negative. I practiced just trying to get all 3 to look at me at the same time.. that little practice shoot took approximately 20 minutes with 20 or so UNUSABLE photos. So I get to thinking.. how the heck am I going to get all 3 kids into the manger scene incognito ?? Not sure, but I hung onto that hope for a while.. Not even taking into consideration the possibility of being caught.. and the excommunication that would follow. Not that I care because I've pretty much removed myself from the church due to recent events. Last week I tried some more practice shots.. still nothing..

So now that we are into December and the photo hasn't been taken I am getting desperate. I finally give up the Great Nativity Scene photo. I was hoping for the nativity picture so I hadn't picked up matching PJ's yet. Well that's just great. I can't find matchy matchy sets anywhere now. So I have to settle for Christmas PJ's in general. Not a good thing for my anal retentiveness.

Finally after about a 1/2 hour of click click clicking away and taking over 40 shots. I found 1 picture decent enough of all 3 children (in their only "somewhat" matching PJ's) to go out to 100 family and friends this year.

I guess I better start thinking of some new ideas for next year and get on the stick alot sooner so I can do a better job for Christmas 2009.

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