Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Looking for Spring

I'm sick of being stuck inside. Everyone is so much happier, including myself, when we can get outside for some time each day. If it were just myself and the 2 older children it would not be an issue... we'd be out there.. But with Alexa it's more difficult. She can't be outside in the cold for extended periods of time. We were outside every day after bringing her home last spring. Anyone that knows us knows we are an outside family and thrive on that time. So I'm hoping spring arrives soon and we can all enjoy a bit of space and fresh air on a regular basis.

Off topic.. but the beginning of the end is near.. as of next month we are definitely not having any more children. The appointment has been set.

On to another topic.. my official Kindergarten registration meeting is next week.. after collecting all of my important papers to prove we live here etc. We will finally be done until they inform us whether we are Morning or afternoon.. Pray it's afternoon.. it will be soo much easier in the long run

and yet another topic.. I am getting anew computer.. a shiny new laptop with our return money. I can't wait to be able to log on from anywhere in my home..

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Michele Bridgeman said...

The entire kindergarten registration thing was totally over-rated. Ours was basically the same thing. I called my Mom from the dentist's office to see if she wanted to come with Evan and I for registration - to include her in this sort of stuff because she LIVES for it; so she call tell all to her "friends" at work. I use "quotes" around "friends" because she talks shit about them most of the time. She was "sleeping" and "no she wasn't coming". Okay. Fine. Whatever. I did tell her that if I got HALF of the sleep that she got I'd NEVER be tired.

Anyway...after my dental appt - half-palsied face, mind you - we go, hand over the birth certificate, the social security card and a bill that shows that we live where we say we live and the paperwork that I filled out or had to obtain from his pediatrician beforehand and that was it.

I was thinking that we'd get testing to see whether or not Evan would qualify for full or half-day kindergarten - which is a possibility in our district. Apparently the testing doesn't happen until orientation in May. And...just for spite, I'm not calling Grammy to see if she wants to go with us. Wouldn't want to interrupt her sleep schedule. GRRRRR