Thursday, February 26, 2009

Second Thoughts

Is it possible I am having second thoughts about the Big Snip due to occur next Friday?? I suppose it is possible. But insane in my opinion. I guess I'm thinking too much since hearing of a few new babies arriving lately. I have 3 children. Most people would say thanks and be done. Not me. I guess I'm greedy. Greedy for that feeling of being pregnant. Greedy for the excitement that comes with the arrival at the hospital to meet the little person. And dare I say greedy for the time in the hospital all by myself with the little imp for those first few days. Because in all reality being the 4th child that is the last time he or she would get mommy and me time for a while. LOL

We know we don't want or need anymore children. We are perfectly happy with the 3 we have and yet there is this little piece of me that is still yearning to be pregnant.

I guess I'll have to learn to enjoy everyone else's new babies in the future.

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