Friday, January 30, 2009

Just some random ramblings

I haven't updated in a while simply because I have so much going on.
It amazes me how busy I am at work in spite of the economic state of the country. I work in the construction industry and it seems that a depression of sorts does not stop construction.

I have started the kindergarten registration process for my eldest child. And I have realized that I want him to be 2 or 3 again so he doesn't have to go. Lame. I know. But geez.. kindergarten means he's not a baby anymore. He'll always be MY baby but in all reality he is growing up. Way too fast for my liking. And the darn paperwork is like applying for a federal loan these days. LOL. Way too many requirements and a special meeting. All for Kindergarten. But then again I hear Kindergarten is the new 1st grade now.

The middle child is still as stubborn as ever. Still NOT Potty trained and literally happy about that. She had a breakthrough yesterday and peed twice on the potty with out me asking. Maybe she's just about ready. finally. In other areas she simply amazes me. She can write her name all by herself. We haven't worked on that at home and they haven't specifically worked on names at Day Care. Just a new letter each week. So I was very surprised to see a paper with her name across the top :) She's a tad OCD and I suppose she gets that from me. I am hoping it doesn't get any worse. LOL

The littlest midget is growing so fast. She is actually crawling now. At almost 10 months. She has no teeth. The other two had a few teeth and were walking at 10 months so I suppose she is my slacker.. but I bet she potty trains by 2.5 .. at least I hope she does.

My dear husband has been battling a Salmonella poisoning for almost a month now. Nasty stuff. It caused an appendix flare up which meant they took that out. And we got our 1st phone call from the dept. of infectious diseases. Let's all hope that it clears up soon..

I think that's it for the updates.. I'll try to get back to regular posting soon.

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