Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dust bunnies be damned

Where in god's name does it come from ? I swear I dust and yet the next day in a certain light it's an inch thick again.. WTF ?!? I totally and utterly dislike dusting with all the fiber of my being. If I could hire a cleaning lady and only pay her to dust I would. Otherwise I'd be cleaning the whole house before she got there just so she could come in and not think I'm a slob. There is no way anyone will be coming to my house (planned) and find it in shambles. NEVER.
I need something to hook up to our vents to suck all the dust out on it's own every other day. I would be such a happy woman. I am not kidding when I say there are dust/hair tumbleweeds on ny bathroom floor the day after I get done a thorough cleaning.. that room needs a swiffer every day.. yuck!

I am a stickler for a clean house. But since #3 showed up last year the cleaning schedule has gotten rearranged. I just have no time anymore. Except on Saturday mornings. And boy do I feel like a slacker Mom if I'm keeping the kids in on a Saturday morning on a beautiful day just to clean. I used to be able to crank the whole house out in about 4 hours. That is a good cleaning.. floors, bathrooms, EVERYTHING. Now.. I can get it all done but it takes a total of about 6 hours.. with breaks here and there to change diapers, feed and clothe the kiddies.

Jim is always offering to have a cleaning lady come in.. but I refuse. I would feel as though I had to clean before she came just so that I wouldn't look like a total slacker slob. So that would defeat the whole purpose. Ugh..

Some day I'm going to have a breakdown and I'll be one of those people that never cleans and there are piles of unopened mail everywhere.. hahaha.. but the bottles would be washed and the dishes done because Jim does that. :)

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