Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Warmer days.. not longer days

It has been so darn cold recently that I am actually looking forward the high of 40 they are calling for tomorrow. The kids have been asking about the pool and the zoo and the shore. And all I can say is "You have about 6 months to go". Sucks. I know.

We really love the nicer weather because we are an "outside" family. We go out and hang outside for hours on end until it's too dark to even see your own kids running through the streets.

So every night at dinner my computer screen is up and we get to see all the pics I have uploaded flash by as the screen saver. Pictures of all the fun things we did outside make us yearn for the spring even more.

But for me it is bittersweet. Yeah, the kids are outside rather than trashing my inside. But I tend to hang out also and when I come in I realize all the things I was supposed to be doing inside and then regret the fun in the sun. Thus the enjoyment of the warmth and not so much the longer days.

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