Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Equal Opportunity Activities

Last weekend I took Chloe to a friend's birthday party at The Little Gym. Don't get me started on the timing. 4pm on a Sunday night approx. 45 minutes from our house. But if you know me at all you know how I feel about that and I don't need to get into it.

So we go and she jumps right in and has a blast. I mean she was beaming the whole time. So I think "Wow. This would be something great for her to do on a regular basis. Aedan has his sports so why can't she have something." So I start researching. Gymnastics and or dance classes close to my house. The Little Gym does not have any franchises near us, so that's out. I look into the 3 dance places and the YMCA locally to see about evening and/or Saturday classes. Now mind you the Saturday stuff would have to be after 12 because Baseball is in the morning every f-ing Saturday April thru June.. Another post that I won't go into now. I found one evening class that starts at 5:15 on a Tuesday. Oh great.. 'cept I don't even hit Limerick til 5:15 most nights if not later. Every other class is during the day. Awesome if you don't work every day. Not so awesome if you do. So now I'm pissed because for chrissake. why can't they have a gosh darn evening class for my poor kid that already has to deal with a working Mom and now can't even farking dance and tumble because of it. Every woman does not stay at home. You'd get a hell of alot more class participants if you extended your hours a bit a couple nights a week people. You suck.

So I bitch and complain about on FB and low and behold my neighbor pops up with a local gym that has classes. I look it up. Some decent hours. But the hours all depend on the child's age. S I call to see what the rates are and what's available for a 4 year old and if we can stop in to check the place out. Answering machine.
WTF!?!? I can't win.

So I will probably drag all 3 kids with me on Saturday to check it out and hopefully sign her up.. If not.. I will be back here next week bitching about it. Stay tuned.

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