Friday, January 22, 2010

What the heck

OK... In an effort to take off a few pounds I gained, as a result of kicking the nicotine habit last year, I am eating alot more fruit and salads etc. Just improving my diet in general.

So I'm eating these clementines. They are good. But what the hell is up with all that white stuff left on the orange after you peel it. I spend more time just trying to get all that stuff off than I do actually eating the thing.

And that's another thing. Why are they so tough to eat? I mean I attempted to swallow but realized I would have choked on it since it really doesn't break down that much and it was still in my mouth and in my throat at the same time.. Geez.. they should make eating healthier a little safer. I could have died.

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Sharon said...

...and now: I want a clementine.