Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hiatus from Hell

I took a break from blogging. Not really by choice. Life took over. I haven't really had any witty thoughts or funny stories to relay so rather than bore my readers with stupid crap I simply refrained from writing at all.

The transition from school year to summer schedule has been a bit hectic. All 3 kids have been going to day care for the past 2 weeks but that will change at the end of the week. My Mom has been laid off she she will be heading to my house daily to watch the midgets so they can swim and go to the library and have an enjoyable summer without being dragged from their beds at 6 am everyday to go to day care. And also to save me some money. Not that she's cheap but she's a bit cheaper that the center. :)

Aedan had a great year in Kindergarten and is looking forward to full days in first grade. His report card was great and all the comments from the teachers indicate that he is most definitely ready academically for First grade.

Chloe is moving up to Pre-K in September so for part of the summer she'll get some homework just like Aedan has to work on. Gotta keep their little brains working.

We are counting the days til vacation. It's badly needed because we feel like we are constantly going and desperately need a rest with no where to be. With that in mind I'm currently waiting on the courts in Amity Township to let me know when my court date is. See I received my 1st ever speeding ticket 2 weeks ago in a sting operation. How was she going you ask ?? 64 mph. Yeah. I though I was in a 55 zone when in fact it was a 45 .. $157 with 4 points. Buuut... here's the catch.. I happen to know that judge's best man.. so when I get my court date I'll be able to get off with just the ticket fine and no points :) Thanks goodness. With my luck I'll get a day that is smack dab in the middle of vacation and have to travel up from the jersey shore to show up for court. That would not be good.

We all continue to pray for Tom and the rest of his family as these days are extremely hard for them all. Our love and prayers are with them daily.

I think that's all that's new and interesting.. the rest is wiping butts and folding laundry.

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