Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Cutest Parrot

I had forgotten how cute it was when Aedan and Chloe started to really talk and say words and sentences you could understand. Alexa is talking up a storm . She's been talking like crazy for a while but now you can actually have a conversation with her. It's really cute ... but of course as with everything under my roof there is a catch.

She repeats everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. She especially likes the last word of the sentence you mutter under your breath or yell in frustration.

Yesterday I heard Son-of-a-B*tch and last week I heard F*ck Me which was obscured because of the binky that was shoved in her mouth. I really need to control my potty mouth.

Last night she was talking to the neighbor's mother in law telling her "dead deer head, dead deer head" over and over because the other two were discussing a deer carcass we saw on the ride home.

If you ask her where we are going she'll tell you "bagel store" every time and if you ask her what she wants to eat for dinner she'll say "pizza" every time. She can sing her ABC's and also sing Patty Cake. She especially likes the roll it, pat it part :)

Hey. At least she knows what she knows and she likes what she likes :)

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