Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pipe Dreams

Life isn't fun. I work to make money to pay for things like the roof over our heads and the clothes on our backs. You get the drift. If that were not the case I might just consider alternate career choices. I have 2.

The first is Photographer. I love taking photographs. Preferably of cutsey chubby little people. No not dwarfs. Babies and toddlers and kids. I love taking pictures of kids and babies. I do I do I do.

The second is interior decorating/design. I adore decorating/redecorating a room. When the time and money allow that is. And I don't need alot of money because I sure as hell do not have alot of money. I am happy to hit Target, JCPenney or wherever I find the perfect coordinating piece. That's not to say I can't go to Ethan Allen and other such places if someone requires that of me, I just don't require that of myself :) I have 2 rooms in my house that haven't been finished yet and 2 that need to be redone so I have my work cut out for me. But the rooms that are done look just lovely to me :)

But as the blog is titled.. those are pipe dreams for now because for now I must make a living and not live a dream....maybe someday...

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