Friday, May 21, 2010

Movin' on Up...

I got yet another pile of papers at pickup the other day. Usually 5 or 6 of Chloe's artistic creations and then the daily report. But Tuesday was a different story.

I got progress reports for both girls going over all the skills they have mastered and what to work on. All good stuff.

Then I got papers that say "I'm Moving Up!". At first I was like wow.. in June ?? Not September ? I suppose.. whatever. So Both girls will transition (part of the day in the new class and part in their current class). Then The following week will be the permanent move.

I'm excited for a few reasons. Chloe is moving to the Pre-School class. I love this part. This is Miss Maggie's class. She is a wonderful teacher and my kids love her. She really gets through to the kids and prepares them well for Kindergarten. I'm very excited for Chloe in spite of the fact that it means she will be in Kindergarten in a year.. I won't go there. I can't go there.

Another reason.. Alexa's new teacher is great too. I get along with her really well and she truly likes my kids . I think Alexa will really thrive in her class.

The last reason I'm excited? My tuition rates drop. I could do a happy dance right now when I think of it. The rates will still be high thru the summer because Aedan will be there but I have a glimmer of the light at the end of the tunnel..

In a couple years, when all 3 kids are in grade school, we are taking a super awesome trip.. thanks to all the day care costs I'll be saving :)

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Sharon said...

Enjoy that trip!