Friday, September 26, 2008

10 years and we're both still standing

As much as I love my husband I am still amazed that we made it to 10 years. We are such strong willed and stubborn personalities that we tend to clash sometimes.. and not in a good way..
He is my support and, god love him, he is such a wonderful partner in all things. He treats me like I deserve better and I used to think that every once in a while but I always come back to him.. and know that I couldn't find anyone that would treat me any better.

We had this awesome trip planned for our 10 year anniversary.. an extra long weekend away just the 2 of us.. to some island of some sort.. until last August happened and the 2 lines screamed at me and I rewound back to that fateful evening in July where I said.. (well we don't need to know that) .. let's just leave it at.. I knew there may be trouble..
and there was..
but not trouble.. but a beautiful little person growing in there.. just after the shock the happiness sunk in and we realized how blessed we have been..

With all the struggles and the loss we had so many (really not THAT many) years ago to be able to say I have 3 healthy and happy babies is a blessing. The first, a son, conceived via artificial insemination after 30 months of TTC and a baby angel in the mix. He was born via c-section because he just wouldn't come out. And boy he was big.. 9 pounds..
The second.. the princess...came with a bit more ease... a couple months of trying and a pat on the shoulder from my fertility Dr. with the words.. go home and get busy.. and we did.
The third...another girl.. the result of some lax BC usage.. and yet such a blessing that we could never imagine our life without her. Who would have thought back in 2000 that we'd get pregnant by accident ??

Anyway.. we are celebrating the beginnings of our family today.. the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Christy said...

Wow, what an amazing decade you had! Love the blog title. :-)