Monday, September 29, 2008

Dry Pants ! Dry Pants!

Ugh!!! I'd forgotten how much I loathe potty training... Aedan was easy.. by the time he was ready he had just started Day Care and the peer pressure did my job for me. Chloe.. she is a totally different creature. She has been really good at school so her teacher tells me she's ready for big girl undies and that it's better to go cold turkey straight to undies rather than pullups to transition. BS ! By 8 am this morning ( a Monday which is stressful in and of itself) we were on outfit #3. I put a diaper on her before I left her at DC and told her teacher .. "there are 3 pairs of undies in her cubby and 2 more spare outfits.. do what you want." So I guess we'll see how much laundry I have tonight. Can't we ship them off to PT'ing school for 8 hours a aday and after 5 days they come back totally transformed??

I'm buying pullups tonight.

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