Monday, September 29, 2008

Customer service my ass

OK.. the damn van is 4 months old.. the slider on the MINIVAN (that I swore I'd never own) doesn't shut all the way unless you click it open and shut like 5 times. I call to schedule service and a loaner. Because the car is so new I ASSUME (you know the deal with that) I'd get a loaner for something that is under warranty.. um.. no. So I call the saleslady. I rip her a new one because I'm already is a piss poor mood. She will talk to her higher up and call me back. Next thing I know I get a call from the rental place. I am not RENTING a car for a day. Gimmee your name and number dude .. I'll call you back. What happened to good old fashioned customer service?

Still waiting on the saleslady to call me back. In the meantime Dear Husband calls me. Boss gave him tickets to the Phillies on Wednesday... he's turned him down alot this year so he wanted to run it by me before he accepts. I mumble some F words under my breath and say fine. He can tell I'm pissed. There is no way I can drop off the LOANER on Wednesday and switch 3 kids with car seats without his help. But I say sure go ahead, have fun and hang up. So now I need to re-schedule the service.

Did I really swear off alcohol on Sunday morning???

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