Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Open Mouth.. Insert Foot.. and other random rants

Ever send an email and after hitting the send button realize you answered the email in a snarky, smartass tone?? And then also realize you did not in fact send it to the person you *thought* you were sending it to but someone else who could seriously get offended .. and to top it all off it's a member of your Dear Husband's extended family ?? ugh... I gotta really look at the sender of emails before hitting the reply and send button so quickly.. my sarcastic tendencies seem to get me into trouble.

Update on the customer service rant from yesterday.. I got what I wanted.. the free rental while my car is in for service but now I need to cancel the service altogether.. seems there was a fruit loop stuck in the track and that was what caused the door to act up.. that's what I get for letting the kids have dry cereal in my car. Now I have to call and cancel in a very sweet and apologetic tone.. grr.. I hate being sweet and apologetic.

Ode to Maternity clothes.. you seriously gotta love them. Anyone that has ever owned some decent maternity clothes knows what I am talking about. They are made to expand and be comfy. I guess this is why I kept some out when packing everything up for donation. I have these black yoga/stretch pants that I absolutely love and I have had them since I was pregnant with Aedan back in 2003. They still look good and boy, they always shrink back down to normal after every wash. And the sweaters. Not those big bulky ones you see around but the fitted nice ones. I've got them ready to go for colder weather.. because they come down far enough to camoflauge my ass and are *just* loose enough to cover that roundness in my belly that never went away after Alexa came out.. well not yet anyway. I'm guessing 3 kids and 3 c-sections in less than 4.5 years was a bit too much on those stomach muscles though.. I will happily admit that 9 weeks after the 1st two kids I was back in regular clothes.. now I'm in regular clothes most of the time but they are bigger regular clothes. So.. I am basking in the glory of maternity clothes.. at least for a little while longer, and enjoying the fact that I am in my regular junior size 5 short Levi's even if the sweater is bigger and stretchy.

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