Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sucked in .. yet again....

A week before Christmas and today I am scrambling to finish up the gift for my parents. Technically.. this should not be happening. For once I was not the original organizer of something important. Maybe that was my first mistake.

I get a call in November. From my older sibling. "We are thinking about going in on a bigger gift for D&S this year since everyone is sick and tired of giving them Home Depot Gift cards" I say "Great! I'm in" he says "We're looking at a big screen TV. Between the 4 of us we should be able to get them a nice one without breaking the bank" again "I'm in .. just let me know"

So a week goes by and nothing. So I call him. "What's going on with the gift?" "Well Dad says definitely do not buy them a TV. So I'm thinking maybe a weekend away at a B&B. " I say "OK.. even better!! " He says. "I will look into it if I can find the time"

I scratch my head.. find the time? These are your parents and you have two kids. The youngest of which is 11 and spends 1/2 his life with YOUR parents. You have a shitload more time than I do . But I digress.

So I leave it up to him.. I hear nothing... fast forward to 2 days ago.. I start looking.. I find a great place. So I email the link to the other 3 and ask if they are in. The other 2 say yes! Older sib doesn't not reply .. OK he hasn't seen his email. So I call his cell that night (he has it strapped to his waist 24/7) to see if he's read the email and what does he think. He does not answer so I leave a message. the next day.. no reply no call back. OK.. STILL giving the benefit of the doubt. I call again .. still no answer. By now I'm thinking he better be laid up in the hospital cause otherwise I may have to beat the living daylights out of him.

fast forward (from yesterday) to today. Little brother says he's in and so is sister but older sibling and his wife have already gotten something for D&S so count them out. WTF !?! All he had to do was answer my freaking phone call and tell me that so I can get it ordered earlier. But no. He has to be the extreme slacker and ignore me. I assume he's hoping I'll just go away and forget about it. But he doesn't seem to realize I am of the mind lately that I'll forgive but it's usually AFTER I've told you off.

So.. because of him we will not have the voucher for the weekend away in hand by Christmas and I am stuck printing an I.O.U. for them as a gift.

He had better watch his ass on Christmas Eve cause if he says a single little hint of anything about a gift I'll rip him a new one so fast he will wish he stayed home.

Moral of this story is.. don't get sucked into a false sense of security when someone else claims responsibility for something you will be putting your name on .. if you want it done correctly, DO IT YOURSELF.

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