Friday, December 19, 2008

Living in a Petrie Dish

I was extremely proud to say for the 1st few years of my elder 2 children's lives they were relatively germ free. Meaning - they didn't contract every little sniffle and cough that came down the pike. My son (who is 5) still to this day has never had to take an antibiotic.
Now they are in Day Care. Germ central. So they have pretty much had runny noses 80% of their lives since starting at Day Care. I know I know.. they will never get sick once they hit grade school. yeah .. I'll believe it when I see it.

We are currently dealing with the ickiest bug to hit the eastern seaboard this year. Mommy was struck first on Sunday. I wouldn't wish that on anyone I ever cared about even in a fit of rage. Next Comes Alexa. Yesterday she wakes up at 6 am in a pile of her own dinner.... lovely. The other fun stuff hits her later . Four days later Mommy is still nauseous, but is coping and doing everything she normally does. which is well.. EVERYTHING.

So yesterday we go to day care for the holiday show. Talking to the other moms it seems it has run rampant through the center. Parents and children alike were dropping like flies. Nothing like discussing bowel movements and barfing with acquaintances. DH shows up. Looks white.. Starts in with the "I really feel horrible" . ugh.. and so it starts. He has it. The worst possible outcome of all this is my husband getting it. No one is ever as sick or as badly affected as he is. Well at least that's how he portrays things. **rolling eyes**

Please please please let this bug leave him soon.. because if that doesn't kill him I may have to. Oh and keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't hit the other 2.. since Christmas is less than a week away I hope we can all be healthy for it. :)

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